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Charles Manson

New Al Qaeda video surfaces

FNC’s Andy Levy and Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton weigh in on Al Qaeda, the international terror threat and Rand Paul.

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  1. Would Jennifer Aniston take Pitt back?

    The Mensa panel weighs in on former New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn and actress Jennifer Aniston.

  2. Calls for FL boycotts - Why are other states ignored?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on how the Zimmerman verdict spurs talk of Florida boycott, ignores other 'stand-your-ground' states even though the defense did not bring up that fact

  3. Glorifying a monster

    Geraldo reacts to controversial magazine cover

  4. Peter Johnson, Jr. on Rolling Stone cover: 'This is sick'

    Fox News analyst reacts to glamorizing of Boston bombing suspect

  5. 'Red Eye' reveals their first celebrity crushes

    Who had the hots for Farrah and who went wild for Debbie?

  6. Fox Files: 'He was an angry young man'

    Greg Jacobson describes Charles Manson's fury when his song lyrics where changed by the Beach Boys

  7. Full Episode: 'Red Eye' 5/9/13

    Mark Sanford wins South Carolina House seat; Jedediah Bila, Michael Moynihan and Patrick Milsaps discuss

  8. Full Episode: 'Red Eye' 4/13/13

    Jodi Arias reportedly tweeting from jail; Tucker Carlson, Dana Perino and Bernard McGuirk discuss

  9. Jodi Arias following Geraldo on Twitter?

    Geraldo on latest details of the murder trial

  10. Is Obama addicted to raising your taxes?

    President's former economic adviser Austan Goolsbee responds

  11. Best love songs of all time

    'Red Eye' reacts to picks

  12. Exclusive look inside the Costa Mesa Gun Show

    Fox News gets unfettered access to one of the country's most popular gun shows

  1. Fatal accident at SXSW festival leaves two dead

    Car crashes into crowd killing two, injuring over 20

  2. Group unveils plans for Satan statue at Oklahoma Capitol

    Should structure be allowed to go up?

  3. 010714_satan


  4. ‘Knockout Game’ gaining media attention

    Geraldo weighs in

  5. Should you get in at the beginning of Twitter IPO?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Spencer Jakab on the outlook for Twitter.

  6. Real estate insiders on tips for selling a home

    ‘Million Dollar Listings: LA’ stars Josh Altman, Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg on Bernie Madoff’s old apartment on the market and tips for home sellers.

  7. A look at DEA agent 'Kiki' Camarena's murder

    Convicted drug lord, killer freed from prison

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