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California Budget

Republicans Retreating in Debt Ceiling Debate?

Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt and FNC contributor Julie Roginsky on the debate over raising the debt ceiling.

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  1. Battle for Tax Hikes Continues

    Former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh on efforts to pass broad-based tax increases.

  2. California Needs $4B to Balance Budget

    Author Mike Reagan sounds off on the Golden State’s new budget.

  3. A Good Week for the Right

    FBN’s Stuart Varney sounds off on conservative victories this week.

  4. State Rep. Donnelly: California Budget Will Go Down 2-1

    California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly argues the state won’t vote in favor of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget or tax hikes.

  5. Shredding California's Budget

    State Rep. Tim Donnelly (R-Calif.), breaks down the unnecessary costs in the Golden State's budget.

  6. Calif. Gov. Looks to Eliminate $6B Deficit

    Gov. Schwarzenegger Press Secretary Aaron Mclear on how the governor plans to eliminate the state government's current deficit.

  7. GOP House Win Eliminate Calif.'s Chances for Bailout?

    Reason Magazine columnist Veronique De Ruge on the state's need to cut spending and not live off funding from the federal government.

  8. Banks Need to Unleash Money, Not Freeze Foreclosures

    The Reagan Group Chairman Mike Reagan argues a freeze on foreclosures will not help the housing market.

  9. US Cities, Already Struggling, Face Even Tougher Future

    U.S. cities suffered more harm to their fiscal condition in the latest recession than during any other economic decline in nearly a quarter of a century, a survey re...

  10. California budget deal ends record impasse

    By Jim ChristieSACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct 1 (Reuters) - A top California lawmaker said on Friday the state's leaders had reached a final agreement on closing a $19.1 bi...

  11. California leaders break budget impasse with deal

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct 1 (Reuters) - A top Californialawmaker said on Friday the state's leaders had reached a finalagreement on closing a $19.1 billion deficit to ...

  12. California leaders reach final budget agreement

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct 1 (Reuters) - A top Californialawmaker said on Friday the state's leaders had reached a finalagreement on closing a $19.1 billion deficit to ...

  1. Tax Muni-Bond Interest?

    Former economic advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger David Crane explains how taxing muni-bond interest would impact California.

  2. Breaking Down California Budget Issues

    Mike Reagan, founder of the Reagan Group, weighs in on California's budget woes.

  3. L.A. in the Spotlight for Pow-Wow

    Kathy Smits, VP of Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, on how to market and selling tourism in Los Angeles to the rest of the world at the Pow-Wow trade show convention.

  4. Was Government Stimulus a Failure in Creating Jobs? Associate Editor Tina Korbe, Sirius XM radio host Mike Church and radio talk show host Larry Young on government efforts to boost job growth.

  5. Using Technology to Solve the Debt Crisis

    Stanford University Professor Ashish Goel and former Google executive Narayanan Shivakumar on how technology can help reach consensus on major issues.

  6. What California's Budget Struggles Mean for College Students

    Growing up is tough enough without the worries of your financial future, so Money101  is here for you. E-mail us your questions and let us take off some of the press...

  7. Students, Parents Facing Last-Minute Tuition Hikes

    American Association of State Colleges & Universities’ Daniel Hurley on the last-minute increases in tuition facing college students and their parents.

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