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Unemployment Rate

Millennials get ‘D’ in financial literacy?

Leeb Capital Management CEO Steve Leeb and FBN’s Neil Cavuto, Charlie Gasparino, Liz MacDonald and Charles Brady on Millennials’ financial literacy and work ethic.

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  1. Retail sales down for third-straight month

    Former Reagan Economic Adviser Art Laffer and John Spallanzani of The GFI Group discuss what disappointing retail sales say about the economy and their outlook for the Fed.

  2. Where should you be moving your money?

    Pento Portfolio Strategies President Michael Pento, FBN’s Cheryl Casone and A&G Capital President & CIO Hilary Kramer on investing in foreign markets, the slowdown of the Dow and the strength of the dollar.

  3. Are Americans getting sick of government scandals?

    ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ on Americans getting fatigued of government scandals and Hillary Clinton’s email controversy.

  4. The jobs number you’re not hearing about

    Harvard University Business Administration Professor Daniel Quinn Mills and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the jobs data.

  5. Will a rise in interest rates actually be good for stocks?

    S&P Capital IQ Chief Equity Strategist Sam Stovall on the outlook for the economy and markets.

  6. The Obama economy: Is government policy holding us back?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, LaSalle Network CEO Tom Gimbel, Harrington Capital Management founder Kyle Harrington, Moody’s Capital Markets Chief Economist John Lonski and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on the state of the economy.

  7. Unemployment rate hits lowest level in 7 years

    Manhattan Institute Scholar Diana Furtchtgott-Roth on the state of the job market.

  8. Is the market more concerned with low rates than with earnings?

    Beacon Capital Management Partner Pete Benson, Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund CIO Jason O’Donnell and Bull Reef Brokerage’s Scott Shellady on the markets and when the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates.

  9. The best jobs in America

    Apploi CEO Adam Lewis and Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain discuss the state of the employment market.

  10. 178K people dropped out of workforce in February

    Former U.S. Department Labor Chief of Staff Paul Conway analyses the February jobs report.

  11. Energy aside, earnings are still rising

    Holland & Company Chairman Mike Holland and First Trust Advisors Chief Economist Brian Wesbury discuss the February jobs report, their outlook for earnings, and Apple’s plan to replace AT&T in Dow.

  12. U.S. adds 295K jobs in February

    Former Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee and Holland & Company Chairman Mike Holland discuss the February jobs report.

  1. Why did the Fed’s Bullard warn of ‘violent’ reaction to rate hike?

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone, Competitive Enterprises Institute Fellow Carrie Scheffield and Independent Women’s Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer on the warning from the Fed’s Bullard and FEMA funding.

  2. Credibility issue with the Fed?

    Fox Business Contributor Jon Hilsenrath and Societe Generale Market Strategist Robbert van Batenburg discuss the Fed, the markets and the U.S. economy.

  3. First-time home-buyers still avoiding the housing market?

    Mortgage Bankers Association Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni on the outlook for mortgage rates and the housing market.

  4. Payne’s Passion: Is capitalism really unfair, or just misunderstood?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, Penn Financial President Matt McCall, News Director Scottie Hughes, Plimsoll Mark Managing Director Jim Awad, A&G Capital President and CIO Hilary Kramer, RDM Financial Group President Ron Weiner and Veracruz TJM Founder Steve Cortes on income inequality and tax solutions.

  5. Fed drops ‘patient’

    FBN’s Peter Barnes breaks down the FOMC’s latest policy statement.

  6. 5% unemployment by year’s end?

    Barron’s Editor Ed Finn discusses the stories covered in the latest edition of the magazine.

  7. How healthy are U.S. banks?

    Mendon Capital Advisors CIO Anton Schutz and John Spallanzani of The GFI Group discuss the second-round of Fed stress test results and retail sales.

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