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Submarine best shot for finding answers on Flight 370 fate

Robotic submarine will create sonar map of ocean floor

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  1. Flight 370 mystery: Race against time for black box

    How reliable are Malaysian officials' conclusions on the fate of Flight 370 and we will ever find real answers?

  2. 'Abyss' submarines to search for Malaysian Airlines jet

    Submarine can dive nearly 20,000 feet deep

  3. What info led officials to reach conclusion on MH370's fate?

    Insight from Fox News aviation analyst Robert Mark

  4. Inside the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Insight from Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, and former NTSB investigator Alan Diehl

  5. Experts react to new data that jet went down in Indian Ocean

    Malaysia PM says satellite data indicates flight ended in water

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  7. New satellite images of possible debris a solid lead?

    Report: French satellite shows debris

  8. Flight 370: How to find a plane miles beneath the ocean

    Advanced technology could aid the search for the missing plane

  9. What if Malaysia Airlines jet is never found?

    Search crews come up empty as officials look for debris

  10. Investigators face challenges recovering black box data

    High-tech aircraft scouring remote area

  11. Time running out to find flight 370's flight recorders?

    Battery life of 'black box' beacons running out

  12. Inside of the challenge of finding wreckage at sea

    Fabien Costeau, grandson of famed underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, weighs in

  1. Malaysian officials continue to struggle with MH370 probe

    Australia: Fifth ping unlikely from black boxes

  2. Blue Water Recoveries says ping 'unmistakably' Flight 370

    Latest on search for missing plane

  3. Report: Pulse signal detected in Indian Ocean

    Could it be missing Malaysia jet?

  4. Time running out to locate Malaysia jet's black boxes

    Underwater hunt with 'pinger locator' begins

  5. Will Flight 370 ever be recovered?

    Weather conditions - and time - seem to be investigators' enemies in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Plus, is the pilot of the lost plane being unfairly targeted?

  6. Malaysia Airlines jet search is a matter of 'time and eyes'

    Poor weather has halted the plane search twice this week

  7. French satellite discovery offers glimpse into jet mystery

    Satellite spots 122 objects in Indian Ocean

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