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Berkshire Hathaway's MidAmerican to hold off on new Iowa nuclear plants

Berkshire Hathaway Inc's MidAmerican Energy Co has decided against building any new nuclear reactors in Iowa in the near future because of regulatory hurdles."It is premature, given the uncertainty of carbon regulation and the extensive regulatory review for new nuclear reactor designs, to immediately pursue any additional site work on a future generation option, including a nuclear facility," the company said in a statement on Tuesday.Many utilities have put plans for costly new nuclear reactors on hold due to cheap natural gas prices, the much lower cost to build gas-fired generators, and the lack of federal restrictions on carbon emissions.A few companies however have forged ahead with construction of five new reactors - Southern Co in Georgia, Scana Corp in South Carolina and the Tennessee Valley Authority in Tennessee.MidAmerican's news came after the company completed a study on nuclear feasibility and reported the results to Iowa regulators on Monday. The utility, the state's la...

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