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Oil Prices

Ford CFO: Expect the F-150 to be a driver of profitability

Ford CFO Bob Shanks on the automaker’s new F-150 and outlook.

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  1. Southwest CEO: Lower oil prices create volatility

    Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says lower oil prices are helpful in the near-term but just creates more volatility.

  2. Declining oil prices a concern for investors?

    Wells Fargo Advisors Senior Equity Strategist Scott Wren, RDM Financial Group CEO Ron Weiner and founder Todd Horwitz on the outlook for stocks.

  3. Canadian shooting, oil prices weigh on stocks

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

  4. Stock alert: Apple hits all-time high

    FBN’s Stuart Varney with a check of the afternoon markets.

  5. Aging demographics a reason to get into healthcare

    Savita Subramanian of Bank of America Merrill Lynch discusses the economy and where to put your money in the markets.

  6. Innovation stocks to boost your bottom line

    Ark Investments CIO Catherine Wood and Royce and Associates Portfolio Manager Jay Kaplan discuss where to put your money in today’s market.

  7. Midday Market Report: 10/21/14

    Airline travel prices rise even as oil prices drop

  8. Oil and energy investment plays

    RBC Chief Commodities Strategist Helima Croft, Holland & Company Chairman Mike Holland and PNC Wealth Management Chief Investment Strategist Bill Stone discuss the impact of the decline in oil on investing and Saudi Arabia.

  9. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal: Long-term slide in oil would be a catastrophe

    Kingdom Holding Company Chairman HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal says lower oil prices are bad for Saudia Arabia’s budget.

  10. Morning Business Outlook: 10/21/14

    Wasabi Ginger wins Frito-Lays contest

  11. Ebola, ISIS still a concern for the markets?

    Scranton Financial Group CEO David Scranton and financial adviser Alan Haft on the outlook for stocks.

  12. Market volatility actually uncharacteristically low?

    United Capital CEO Joe Duran, Spectrum Management Group Managing Partner Bob Phillips, Clearpool Group Chief Market Strategist Peter Kenny and Tethys Partners Chief Market Strategist Bob Iaccino on the outlook for the markets.

  1. Have oil prices hit bottom?

    Boyle Capital President Brian Boyle, Alpine Funds Portfolio Manager Mark Spellman and founder Mark Sebastian on the outlook for stocks and oil prices .

  2. Where is the cheapest gas in the U.S.?’s Patrick DeHaan on the falling prices of oil and gasoline.

  3. UPS CFO talks earnings, upbeat holiday outlook

    UPS CFO Kurt Keuhn says the company is optimistic on the U.S. economy and expects and 11% increase in shipping during the holiday seasons.

  4. Will weakness in Europe and China impact the U.S.?

    Banyan Partners Chief Market Strategist Bob Pavlik argues global market weakness has already impacted the U.S. and the markets will move higher.

  5. Rep. Royce: At this point border security becomes absolutely essential

    Rep. Ed Royce, (R-Calif.), on the fallout from the shooting in Canada and concerns about the threat to the U.S. from Iran, Russia and China.

  6. Gasparino: This is still a contradictory market

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino discusses the markets and the midterm elections.

  7. Are global-growth concerns overblown?

    Rich Peterson of S&P Capital IQ, Value Advisory Founder Howard Rosencrans and RBS Senior Economist Michelle Girard discuss global-growth concerns, earnings and the U.S. economy.

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