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Oil Companies

Opportunities in energy

Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO Mark Yusko gives insight into the energy markets.

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  1. Iran playing a dominant role in Iraqi politics?

    FOX News military analyst General Thomas McInerney weighs in on the crisis in Iraq and the oil industry .

  2. How to navigate the oil market now

    Barclays senior geopolitical strategist Helima Croft and FOX News national security analyst KT McFarland discuss Iraq turmoil and the oil market.

  3. Will EPA clean air push hurt Democrats at the polls?

    Former Gov. John Sununu, (R-NH), Correspondent Michelle Fields, Progressive columnist Rick Unger and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the Obama Administration’s clean air push.

  4. Should Alibaba fear

    Chapwood Investments’ Ed Butowsky, FBN’s Cheryl Casone and Nicole Petallides on the markets, weekly jobless claims data, Sears, health insurer stocks, and pensions.

  5. What’s the Deal, Neil: Young people swearing off marriage?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on young people’s views on marriage, student loan debt and efforts to lower the federal gas tax.

  6. Is Google swaying the way we vote?

    Independent Women’s Forum’s Sabrina Schaeffer and FBN’s David Asman and Jo Ling Kent on Google’s impact on elections, a report on the cost to make Google Glass and a ‘Michael Medved Show’ caller’s comment that FBN’s Charles Payne should’ve been Mitt Romney’s running mate.

  7. Stock picks to boost your portfolio

    Ridgeworth Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund portfolio manager Don Wordell gives tips for investing in today’s market.

  8. Can the government account for how transportation funds are spent?

    Reason Magazine Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward, Progressive columnist Rick Ungar, Capitalist Pig Asset Management’s Jonathan Hoenig and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the push for more infrastructure spending.

  9. Internet service providers suspected of slowing speeds?

    Young America’s Foundation’s Ashley Pratte, Editor Jonas Max Ferris and FBN’s Liz MacDonald on reports Internet service providers are slowing speeds, and companies blaming ObamaCare for falling profits.

  10. Lumber Liquidators founder on future of alternative energies

    Lumber Liquidators founder and Chairman Tom Sullivan on climate change and alternative energy.

  11. Gearing up for mid-term elections

    NewEdge director of market strategy Robbert van Batenburg on the mid-term elections’ impact on the economy.

  12. Report: Seeing shift in Russian money towards less expensive U.S. homes

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone on Russian’s impact on the real estate market.

  1. Sectors seeing growth now

    Brick Investment Partners managing director Chris Thorpe and Landcolt Capital founder Todd Schoenberger discuss their outlook for the economy and markets.

  2. Exxon invests $1b in Belgium

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Exxon’s new investment into a refinery in Belgium.

  3. Money-generating stock picks

    South Texas Money Management president Jim Kee names stocks with great cashflow.

  4. SolarCity CEO on Silevo acquisition

    SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive on the state of business in the solar industry.

  5. General Mills shares fall after earnings miss

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

  6. How high will oil prices go due to the Iraq crisis? co-founder Chris Martenson on the impact of the crisis in Iraq on oil prices.

  7. Ralph Nader: It’s an institutional cover-up

    ‘Unstoppable’ author Ralph Nader on the mounting General Motors recall scandal.

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