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NFL players going broke

Why do so many NFL players go bankrupt in retirement? Former NFL Player Tyoka Jackson weighs in.

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  1. Focus on Long-term Unemployed Overdue

    "It's a vicious cycle. The truth of the matter is that it's a national crisis."John Fugazzie knows of what he speaks. The 58-year-old activist for the unemployed sta...

  2. Jobless Benefits: An Issue That May Need Rethinking

    If I were a U.S. Senator right now my heart would be telling me to vote for extended unemployment benefits for some 1.3 million Americans whose unemployment insuranc...

  3. Can Schools Really Teach Personal Finance?

    The average teen may know when Columbus set sail and the speed of a car traveling from Poughkeepsie to Buffalo in five hours, but too many have no idea how much thei...

  4. CARD Act Cut Fees $20 Billion

    The Credit CARD Act of 2009 succeeded in cutting fees for cardholders to the tune of about $20 billion per year -- without boosting interest rates or drying up the a...

  5. Why it's Time to Change Our Approach to Long-Term Care

    One of the biggest question mark hanging over every boomers' retirement plan is how much money they will need for medical costs. It's a figure that is impossible to ...

  6. The Cost of Chronic Disease

    Chronic disease is a difficult challenge for afflicted individuals, and because of its pervasiveness it has also become a significant problem for the nation, causing...

  7. Could Obamacare Cause Employees to Quit?

    Nearly a million employees could drop out of the work force when new, cheaper health care options are officially offered to U.S. residents, a new study finds.

  8. Bernanke: Stability 'coequal' Of Rate Policy

    The Federal Reserve was first set up in 1913 to stop financial panics and, after moving away from that goal over its hundred-year history, it is now coming full circ...

  9. Would Taxing High-Calorie Foods Curb Obesity?

    Uncle Sam could make a healthy profit off of Americans' bad eating habits and at the same time, improve the nation's obesity rates, according to new research proposi...

  10. Job Growth Trend Actually Getting Worse?

    Economic Cycle Research Institute CEO Lakshman Achuthan on the outlook for the job market and economy.

  11. Fed mulls putting a "not for sale" sign on its assets

    The U.S. Federal Reserve is considering jettisoning a plan to eventually sell off the massive haul of bonds it is now buying, a politically defensive strategy that w...

  12. Federal Reserve May Do U-Turn on Asset Sale

    The Federal Reserve is considering jettisoning a plan to eventually sell off the massive haul of bonds it is now buying, a politically defensive strategy that would ...

  1. Will Aaron Hernandez life in prison sentencing hurt the league?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, ‘Strange Inheritance’ Host Jaimie Colby, Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl, News Director Scottie Hughes and Veracruz TJM Founder Steve Cortes on NFL players bankruptcy issues, legal problems and Hernandez guilty verdict.

  2. Despite foreclosures, consumer spending rose during recession?

    FBN’s Charles Payne compares the consumer spending data and the number of foreclosures during the recession.

  3. Americans having trouble winding down from work?

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent, Sandra Smith and Liz MacDonald on a study about which professions drink the most coffee, a report on Americans working between 10PM-6AM and youth obesity.

  4. The cost of happiness

    FBN’s Charles Payne on how the purchasing power in your area impacts your happiness.

  5. Like, millennial probs: Vocal fry hurting job prospects

    FBN’s Tracy Byrnes, Monster Worldwide SVP Joanie Courtney, Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere on kids living with mom and dad, vocal fry and the latest beard trend.

  6. Taking Your Medicine Pays Off

    If preventive and regular health care is available, people will stay healthier and require less expensive crisis care. That's a major premise of government health ca...

  7. Surprise! The US is Due for a Recession in 2014

    Amid all the speculation about whether the economy has recovered enough from the Great Recession for the Federal Reserve to ease up on monetary stimulus, there is on...

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