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Lending Tree

Lending Tree CEO’s advice for starting a company

Lending Tree was born out of its founder’s frustration to find a way to solve the complicated process of securing a loan to buy a home.

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  1. How is the Housing Market Trending in 2012?

    Doug Lebda lays out the current state of the housing sector and how to fix it.

  2. LendingTree Founder on the Challenges Getting Home Loans

    LendingTree Founder Doug Lebda on the difficulties still facing potential homeowners in getting a mortgage and how the declining birth rate impacts the housing market.

  3. Inside Jaguar's New Concept Cars

    FBN's Jeff Flock at the L.A. Auto Show with an exclusive sneak-peek inside Jaguar's new concept cars.

  4. LendingTree CEO on State of Mortgage Industry

    LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda argues it’s a good time for consumers to jump back into the mortgage industry amid historic lows.

  5. Tax the Rich More and They’ll Stop Spending? CEO Amilya Antonetti argues Obama’s push to tax the rich would lead to a lack of spending which would hurt the economy.

  6. Gillespie: Those Not Fearful for Jobs Should Buy Homes

    Jim Gillespie, Coldwell Banker Real Estate CEO, on who should be purchasing homes and his view on the market.

  7. Five Tools to Make Small Business Owners’ Lives Easier

    For small businesses, doing more with less is a pretty standard mantra. Thankfully, there’s a slew of software and applications that can help small businesses run th...

  8. Small Business Spotlight:

    Company helps companies get their products manufactured at the best price

  9. Mortgage Rates Hit 10-Month High

    A jump in U.S. mortgage rates to their highest level in 10 months has highlighted the fragility of the housing market that will make it difficult for Washington to r...

  10. LendingTree CEO on Tax Cuts, Mortgage Market

    LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda discusses the impact of a change in the tax structure and what it means for your mortgage.

  11. Entry-Level Workers Slacking Off?

    We take a look at a study on how the newest additions to the workforce are performing.

  12. Home Loan Seekers Face Uphill Battle

    Cameron Findlay, chief economist for Lending Tree , details the current mortgage climate.

  1. March Madness for stocks

    Haverford Trust Chief Investment Officer Hank Smith and President & Chief Investment Officer of Circle Squared Alternative Investments Jeff Sica on going one-on-one in stock market March Madness.

  2. Investors go head-to-head in March market madness

    Haverford Trust’s Hank Smith and Circle Squared Alternative Investments President & CIO Jeff Sica compete in a March market madness tournament.

  3. Small cap vs. large: Which is better for your bottom line?

    Value Advisory Founder Howard Rosencrans and Joe Besecker of Emerald Asset Management discuss where to put your money in today’s market.

  4. LendingTree founder on personal lending, the housing market

    LendingTree founder, Chairman and CEO Doug Lebda on personal loans, the Fed and the housing market.

  5. New one-click shopping loan platform

    LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda on the peer-to-peer credit check and loan application website.

  6. LendingTree CEO on the Outlook for Housing, Mortgage Market

    LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda on the positive signs for the housing market and mortgage lending.

  7. Lending Tree CEO on the State of Consumer Credit

    Lending Tree CEO Doug Lebda on the outlook for lending and the state of the economy under Obama’s first term in office.

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