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Neil’s Spiel: Stock traders should man up and shut up!

FBN’s Neil Cavuto on stock traders benefiting from Federal Reserve policy.

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  1. What’s behind the market’s wild swings?

    Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough and Jones Trading Chief Market Strategist Mike O’Rourke give insight into the state of the markets.

  2. Despite low interest rates where is the lending?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the impact of Federal Reserve policy on lending standards.

  3. Market rally all about the Fed?

    Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore, Senior Political Editor Guy Benson and Capitalistpig Hedge Fund founding member Jonathan Hoenig on the markets, Sony hacking and the U.S. establishing ties with Cuba.

  4. Stocks to watch: PSX, AAL, DOW

    United Capital Financial Advisors CEO Joe Duran, Cornerstone Financial Partners CIO Brian Needleman, founder Todd Horwitz and The Linn Group’s Ira Epstein on the opportunities in the markets.

  5. Time to invest Abroad?

    Intrepid Capital Funds President Mark Travis and Meritage Portfolio Management President Mark Eveans discuss where the opportunities are in the international markets.

  6. Who has the power over portfolios?

    Former Economic Adviser to President Obama Austan Goolesbee, SunTrust Senior Market Strategist Keith Lerner, Mark Newton of Greywolf Partners and Chris Robinson of Top Third AG Markets on which leader has the greatest impact on your portfolio.

  7. Top naughty and nice housing markets in America

    Fox News Contributor Bob Massi breaks down the best and worst housing markets.

  8. Asian markets mixed

    Business reporter Tracey Chang on what drove Asian markets Thursday.

  9. Fed-inspired rally

    FBN’s Peter Barnes on the Fed’s decision to be ‘patient’ on raising rates.

  10. Futures soaring thanks to the Fed

    FBN’s Ashley Webster on the markets rallying thanks to the Fed’s statement.

  11. Volatility: The name of the game for 2015?

    Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO Mark Yusko, Wells Fargo Equity Strategist Gina Martin Adams and Average Joe Options Chief Strategist Todd Horwitz discuss their outlook for volatility and market gains.

  12. Fed says it ‘can be patient’ in normalizing monetary policy

    Merrill Lynch CIO Ashvin Chhabra gives insight on how the markets will react to the Fed’s decision on rate hikes.

  1. Will housing market get boost from drop in mortgage rates?

    Real estate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey on the outlook for mortgage rates and the housing market.

  2. The best housing markets for the economy

    PwC U.S. Real Estate Advisory Leader Mitch Roschelle discusses the housing linkage to the economy.

  3. Big players on Wall Street take hits on oil bets

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald breaks down who has lost big money on Wall Street from low energy prices.

  4. Are the hackers from North Korea?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and WSJ’s Mary Kissel discuss North Korea, and whether they are a credible threat to Hollywood

  5. Mixed picture in Europe

    Rabobank’s Jane Foley on Russia’s impact on the European markets.

  6. U.S. futures up

    FBN’s Ashley Webster on yesterday’s Dow rally and U.S. futures Friday morning.

  7. Morning Business Outlook: 12/19/14

    Amazon testing hour delivery in New York City

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