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Foreign Direct Investment

'Vast Opportunities' Await U.S. Oil Moguls in Mexico

As Mexico works to denationalize its oil and gas market after seven decades, billions of dollars of potential profits and opportunity are waiting to be scooped up.However, swaths of people – mostly in Mexico -- still oppose the change, and faced with cost and political challenges, the reform could take years to materialize.Many fear foreign direct investment will siphon money away from crucial middle class programs and incite violence among gangs such as the Zetas heavily involved in the country's oil and gas black market.Others fear contracts won't be negotiated properly, and that communities won't benefit since the government – not the landowner -- owns undiscovered reserves. At the same time, the oil sector operated for close to 80 years as a national treasure; completely at the control of the Mexican government with state-owned Pemex operating a monopoly since 1938. In fact, March 18 -- the day the oil industry was nationalized that year -- has been celebrated as a national holiday...

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    Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on the terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya and efforts to ease investors’ concerns about terrorism and corruption.

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  1. Starwood Hotels Re-enters Bolivia After 30 Years

    Starwood Hotels & Resorts (NYSE:HOT) will return to Bolivia after 30 years as it looks to grow its Latin American footprint 20% by 2016. Already the largest high-end...

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    Janney chief investment strategist Mark Luschini on opportunities in the emerging markets.

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    PT Capital senior managing director Francisco Sanchez and IDA Ireland CEO Barry O’Leary discuss Ireland’s economy.

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    Any comfort investors in Thailand draw from what happened four years ago, when economic growth, the stock market and foreign investment all surged despite deadly unr...

  7. Iceland Shuns Creditors as Economy Rebounds

    Iceland's government feels it can shun international investors while enjoying economic growth - witness its dismissive response to a $5 billion lawsuit over Icesave ...

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