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Identity Theft

Tips for safe shopping online

Identity Theft 911 Chairman Adam Levin on how to avoid scams and cyber attacks when shopping online.

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  1. Criminals stealing billions from the IRS by filing fraudulent tax returns?

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on reports of criminals scamming the IRS by filing fraudulent tax returns.

  2. ObamaCare website putting consumer information at risk?

    Manhattan Institute Senior Scholar Paul Howard and Identity Theft 911 co-founder Adam Levin on a report on the security risks of the federal health-care website.

  3. Thwarting cyber threats for companies large and small

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent talks to DocuSign CEO Keith Krach about the company’s partnership with Intuit to help protect companies from cyber threats during tax season and the security of Apple Pay.

  4. ISIS, Al Qaeda planning cyber attacks on the U.S.?

    Former NYS Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni and CEO Luis Rincon on concerns terrorist organizations are planning cyber attacks against the U.S.

  5. Will Apple Pay be the demise of the wallet?

    LevelUp CEO Seth Priebatsch on how his mobile payments platform will integrate Apple Pay.

  6. Cyber threat: Is your money safe?

    Identity Theft 911 co-founder Adam Levin weighs in on the cyber threat to your finances.

  7. Russian hackers suspected in JPMorgan hacking?

    FBN’s Peter Barnes on the investigation into the cyber attack on JPMorgan.

  8. Home Depot the source of credit card data breach?

    Identity Theft 911 Chairman Adam Levin on reports of a data breach at Home Depot.

  9. Dine and dash legally

    Cover co-founder Mark Egerman on his app that lets you dine without waiting for the check.

  10. Fighting theft in real-time

    IdentityTheft911 co-founder Adam Levin on Transunion’s tool to help consumers fight fraud.

  11. ObamaCare data breach?

    National Review columnist Jillian Melchior on a possible ObamaCare data breach.

  12. U.S. charging 5 Chinese hackers just the tip of the iceberg

    FireEye SVP Kevin Mandia argues we will see more cyber attacks ahead.

  1. China suspected of breaching USPS computer networks

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent on suspicions over China hacking the U.S. Postal Service computer networks and Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet.

  2. Hackers breach some White House computers

    Identity Theft 911 founder Adam Levin on the hacking of the White House’s unclassified network.

  3. Will Apple Pay live up to the hype?

    Contently Editor-in-Chief Joe Lazauskas and Identity Theft 911 founder Adam Levin on Apple Pay’s impact on the future of mobile payments.

  4. Fidelity reportedly has customer information stolen

    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan weighs in on the investigation into a possible Fidelity hacking.

  5. JPMorgan underplaying the potential dangers from data breach?

    Identity Theft 911 co-founder Adam Levin on JPMorgan’s hacking.

  6. Morning Business Outlook: 4/11/14

    IRS reports tax return identity theft increase

  7. Home Depot hacked by previously unseen ‘Mozart’ malware

    Fortalice Solutions CEO Theresa Payton and Experian Data Breach Resolution VP Michael Bruemmer discuss the Home Depot hacking and how to protect against cyber theft.

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