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Identity Theft

Dine and dash legally

Cover co-founder Mark Egerman on his app that lets you dine without waiting for the check.

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  1. Instances of Tax Fraud Against Doctors Spike

    Tax fraud is a growing problem, with the IRS estimating that it's become a $4 billion-plus industry, and a new report suggests a large number of physicians are findi...

  2. Taking Over Parents' Finances: First Steps

    Dear New Frugal You ,My father and mother live alone in the same house that I grew up in. My father is getting up there in years. He takes care of my mother who is s...

  3. Heartbleed a Long-Term Woe for

    Users of are being asked to change their passwords due to the federal exchange's potential vulnerability to the Heartbleed security flaw, and the warn...

  4. The 5 Dumbest Credit Moves

    Several years ago, I watched in amazement when the CEO of a major identity theft protection firm, appeared in a series of commercials waving his Social Security card...

  5. Americans wary of technology’s future?

    Identity Theft 911’s Adam Levin and TechnoBuffalo’s Todd Haselton on the pros and cons of technology.

  6. With thefts rising, smart phones need a 'kill switch'

    Even as smart phones continue to grow ever more sophisticated, they're not immune to a very mundane problem: theft. About 3.1 million smart phones were stolen in the...

  7. Scammers Want Your Medical Records...Here's Why

    Turns out, it's not just your personal financial information scammers and thieves are after--they're also looking for ways to get their hands on your private medical...

  8. Stocks Pummeled, And Downward Momentum Continues

    The momentum on Wall Street was sharply to the downside yesterday, with another big pullback in biotech and Internet stocks erasing more than 3% from the Nasdaq -- i...

  9. Here's Why You Need to Check Your Child's Credit Report

    Parents have plenty of reasons to worry about how their kids will handle money and credit. How can you get them to save? Will they get a good job when they are on th...

  10. Did an Internet security bug put your data at risk?

    Identity Theft 911 founder Adam Levin on the internet security bug ‘Heartbleed.’

  11. Security Bug: Why You Need to Change Online Passwords Now

    You know that little padlock you see in the corner of your web browser, the one that says you have a secure Internet connection? It pops up when you visit sites like...

  12. BofA Reaches $772M Credit-Card Settlement

    Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) reached settlements on Wednesday worth $772 million with U.S. regulators to settle charges it duped customers with deceptive credit-card p...

  1. Fighting theft in real-time

    IdentityTheft911 co-founder Adam Levin on Transunion’s tool to help consumers fight fraud.

  2. ObamaCare data breach?

    National Review columnist Jillian Melchior on a possible ObamaCare data breach.

  3. U.S. charging 5 Chinese hackers just the tip of the iceberg

    FireEye SVP Kevin Mandia argues we will see more cyber attacks ahead.

  4. Heartbleed putting ObamaCare security at risk?’s Kate Rogers, cyber security expert JD Sherry and data security expert Bob Gregg weigh in on the Heartbleed bug and ObamaCare security.

  5. Protect yourself from becoming a hacker’s next victim

    Web Only: Hackers ban together as ‘web mobs’ try to get your personal information!

  6. What are hackers looking for on your computer?

    McAfee identity theft consultant Robert Siciliano on how to protect the information on your computer.

  7. Heartbleed hurting’s Kate Rogers on how the Heartbleed bug is affecting and the threat of medical fraud.

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