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Senior Citizens

ObamaCare architect: I want to die at 75

FNC’s Brian Kilmeade and Fox News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Marc Siegel on Zeke Emanuel and keeping healthy at an older age.

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  1. More Social Security benefits getting docked for student loan debt?

    Cohen Consumer Law’s Joshua Cohen on the growing impact of student loan debt on senior citizens .

  2. AARP warns of fraud and scams targeting seniors

    AARP Elder Law & Consumer Fraud Attorney Sally Hurme on how to avoid falling victim to scams.

  3. Drive away in a Bentley for just $337K

    The Car Coach Lauren Fix on the highlights from the Concours d’Elegeance in Pebble Beach, California.

  4. Is President Obama too disengaged?

    Actor Paul Sorvino, CapitalistPig Asset Management’s Jonathan Hoenig, national Republican fundraiser Noelle Nikpour and FBN’s Liz MacDonald on the Obama Administration’s handling of key issues such as immigration and Iraq.

  5. Medicare power scooter scam?

    Private investigator Esaun Pinto on a power wheelchair Medicare scam.

  6. Cannabis saved little girl’s life?

    Mother Rachael Garner says marijuana helped save her daughter’s life.

  7. Rep. Grimm on campaign, indictment

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his re-election campaign and indictment.

  8. Rep. Grimm: Was I counseled to step down, absolutely

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his campaign and legal battles.

  9. Governor of Maine on requiring work for welfare

    Gov. Paul LePage, (R-Maine), on the initiative requiring "able-bodied" state residents to work for food benefits.

  10. Henry Schein CEO: Chinese consumer market is important

    Henry Schein CEO Stanley Bergman on the company’s second-quarter results and outlook.

  11. Airlines charging you more to sit next to your children? founder George Hobica and Walking on Travels founder Keryn Means on airlines upselling seats to parents who want to sit with their children.

  12. Stossel 07/17/14: Big Brother

    A special edition of Stossel at 'Freedomfest' in Las Vegas

  1. Mike Lupica on fantasy football and his latest book

    Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News on fantasy football and his latest book ‘Fantasy League.’

  2. Student loan debt following Americans into Retirement?

    Certified financial planner John Vento on the rising number of senior citizens with student loan debt.

  3. Bo Dietl’s take on the growing threat of ISIS

    FOX News contributor Bo Dietl weighs in on the growing threat of ISIS.

  4. Rivers’ death sparks probe into outpatient clinic

    Dr. Marc Siegel of the Fox News medical A-team on the risks involved in using outpatient clinics.

  5. Bringing ‘bling’ to senior citizens

    FBN’s Charles Payne on Granny Jo Products President JoAnn Tilghman.

  6. Smart home technology that can help aging parents

    SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson on the latest smart home technology and how it can help the elderly .

  7. Was Bank of America attacked by the Russian mob?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino with scoop on cyber attack’s on Wall Street.

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