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Is 'Too Big to Fail' Still a Thriving Concept?

Five years after Lehman Brothers' seismic bust and just two years after euro member Greece defaulted, the concept of being too big or too strategic to fail is alive and well.Although unwritten government guarantees of big banks have been at the heart of taxpayer outrage over being left on the hook for the missteps of giant corporations, few politicians or voters are keen to embrace another 'Lehman moment' or the global economic implosion that ensued.Tighter regulation on capital buffers and risk-taking, the insistence that banks have 'living wills' for any future workout procedure, creditor 'bail-in' bonds and even the ring-fencing of certain operations within banks have all been preferred routes to limit the exposure of both society and shareholders.Yet, as an International Monetary Fund study detailed this week, there's still a running assumption that governments would again rescue the biggest banks in the event of another panic.The IMF found that at least through 2012 the euro zone'...

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  2. Russia May Drop U.S. Dollar Reserves: Kremlin Aide

    A senior Kremlin advisor has said Russia could respond to threatened U.S. economic sanctions by abandoning the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency and not repaying loa...

  3. Time to Go Long Yuan?

    The Chinese currency, the Renminbi, has fallen by more than 1% against the U.S. dollar in international markets over the last two weeks.  A 1% move is huge in curren...

  4. Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Takes Site Offline

    Downed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox said Tuesday it has decided to temporarily close all transactions in an effort to protect the website and its users.It did not say wh...

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    For investors who thought gold lost its luster, think again. Call it the China effect. Just as the Asian tiger's hunger for commodities to feed burgeoning infrastruc...

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    Russia said on Monday it would give Ukraine a fresh cash injection of $2 billion to support its heavily indebted economy in a boost to the embattled president in Kie...

  7. Fed continues its taper

    Raymond James chief economist Scott Brown and Banyan Partners chief market strategist Robert Pavlik weigh in on the latest FOMC meeting.

  8. To taper … or not to taper?

    KBW senior VP of Washington research Brian Gardner and BlackRock chief investment strategist Russ Koesterich on the Fed’s next move.

  9. Fresh Reforms in China?

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  10. With Psy and currency swaps, South Korea grabs global influence

    From rapper Psy to overseas financial aid, an economically and culturally confident South Korea appears to be taking on bigger neighbours Japan and China for the hea...

  11. Don't Buy the Hype: U.S. Remains World's Safe Haven

    Washington's latest manufactured fiscal showdown has sparked fears that foreign investors like China will soon lose their appetite to gobble up U.S. debt.Those conce...

  12. Has credit rating process become politicized?

    Kroll Bond Rating Agency COO James Nadler and Competitive Enterprise Institute’s John Berlau on the potential political aspects to the ratings process.

  1. 'Too Big to Fail' still thriving

    Five years after Lehman Brothers' seismic bust and just two years after euro member Greece defaulted, the concept of being too big or too strategic to fail is alive ...

  2. Yellen: Slack in labor market a sign Fed can still be effective

    WSJ chief economic correspondent Jon Hilsenrath and JPMorgan Chase chief economist Anthony Chan discuss Janet Yellen’s comments on the economy.

  3. Fed Doing Better Communicating With Market: Dudley

    The Federal Reserve seems to be doing a better job communicating with markets now that it did last summer, said William Dudley, president of the central bank's New Y...

  4. Fitch Removes U.S. Downgrade Danger

    Fitch Ratings on Friday affirmed the United States' credit ratings at "AAA" with a stable outlook, removing the distant danger that it might downgrade the world's la...

  5. Top 10 Nations Stockpiling Gold

    Source: ThinkstockDiscussions involving gold hoarders tend to generate images of the stereotypical nervous Nellie hiding out somewhere in the wilderness. Uncivilized...

  6. Is health care a right for all Americans?

    Dr. Ben Carson on how he is working to craft a free-market replacement for Obamacare

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    Retired neurosurgeon speaks at annual conference for conservative activists

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