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Mark Hulbert

Forget The Lions & Tigers...Bears Defending Their Turf

During the 38 trading days so far in 2014, we've seen a pullback of 106.5 points on the S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) (5.76 percent) and a rebound of 105 points (6.07 percent). So, the bottom line is that while the ride has been a bit on the wild side, the S&P currently stands at almost exactly the same spot it ended 2013.It is also interesting to note that of the two trends that have occurred so far this year, the downtrend essentially took place over a span of 8 days while the rebound retraced the entire decline in 10 days. The market has spent the rest of the time - 20 trading days or 4 full weeks - doing next to nothing.See also: Breakout or Fake Out - How Can We Know For Sure?As such, it is safe to say that we've got a turf war on our hands. So, since we believe in maintaining an objective view of the market action, we decided it was time to check in with the bear camp and see what they had to say for themselves.The Bear ArgumentsThose seeing the glass as at least half-empty have a host of a...

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