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Buying opportunity in small-cap stocks? Publisher Tom Lydon, Hodges Fund’s Eric Marshall and FBN contributor Phil Flynn on where the opportunities are for investors.

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  1. Will the Swiss Bank surprise hurt your bottom line?

    Collins Capital CEO Dorothy Weaver discusses how the IMF’s lower growth forecast and the impending ECB decision impacts your portfolio.

  2. Is Wall Street killing retail?

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Cheryl Casone with an after-hours web exclusive on the overseas markets, the impact of activist investors on the retail sector and the World Economic Forum.

  3. Time to buy index funds?

    Buckingham Advisor Director of Research Larry Swedroe on the benefits of investing in index funds.

  4. Google is developing an updated Google Glass

    Capitalistpig Hedge Fund ’s Jonathan Hoenig, United Advisors’ Scott Martin and WSJ’s Veronica Dagher on the problems with Google Glass and the fight over the FAA’s drone regulation battle.

  5. Arizona mandates students pass civics test before graduation

    Capitalistpig Hedge Fund ’s Jonathan Hoenig and United Advisors’ Scott Martin on Arizona’s mandatory civics test requirements for high school students.

  6. Hedge funds underperformed in 2014

    Crown Capital Management Founder Scott Fearon on hedge funds underperformance, the Swiss franc and economic growth.

  7. Shake up in the hedge fund world

    Skybridge Capital Founder Anthony Scaramucci explains the reason hedge funds are getting ‘shaken out.’

  8. Billionaire boosts stake and control in NYT Founder & CEO Scott Kurnit on billonaire Carlos Slim upping his NYT stake and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ new plans for Amazon.

  9. Hedge Funds and VC’s going after tech

    WSJ’s Doug MacMillan on venture capitalists and hedge fund ’s tech investing craze.

  10. Worries over low oil, energy selloff

    Bulls-Eye Options’Alan Knuckman, Newedge Director of Market Strategy Robbert van Batenburg and Emerald Asset Management Chairman Joe Besecker discuss the energy selloff, oil prices and the markets.

  11. Can the U.S. continue to outperform the rest of the world?

    Veracruz LLC Founder Steve Cortes, Federated Investors Chief Equity Strategist Phil Orlando, JonesTrading Chief Market Strategist Mike O’Rourke and FBN’s Liz MacDonald discuss the markets, and global economies.

  12. WSJ: Forex probes lead to more Wall Street firing

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Wall Street firing traders after further investigations into the Forex and expected settlements.

  1. Demystifying the crypto-currency Bitcoin

    Michael Casey and Paul Vigna of The Wall Street Journal discuss Bitcoin and whether it can be regulated.

  2. White House security still flawed?

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl discuss the scandal surrounding the New England Patriots, White House security, and the climate change debate.

  3. Indiana church sues JPMorgan

    Christ Church Cathedral’s Rev. Stephen Carlsen on the lawsuit against JPMorgan claiming the bank mismanaged millions of dollars of the church’s money.

  4. Outlook for tech earnings

    Estimize CEO Leigh Drogen gives his outlook for Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Alibaba earnings.

  5. The Greek vote and your wallet

    Merk Investments President Axel Merk and Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Veronique De Rugy break down Greece’s Sunday elections, and discuss the likelihood of a possible exit from the eurozone.

  6. Dirty little tricks at Davos?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino with the latest scoop from Davos.

  7. Dow Chemical CEO: U.S. economy is getting stronger

    Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris on the state of business in Europe and his thoughts on Greece getting kicked out of the Eurozone.

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