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Neil’s Spiel: Sen. Rubio responds to critics of his tax plan

FBN’s Neil Cavuto, The Wall Street Journal columnist Veronica Dagher and Cato Institute policy analyst Dan Mitchell on the obstacles to achieving tax reform.

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  1. House Speaker Boehner Distancing Himself from Tea Party?

    Former Rep. Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on House Speaker John Boehner’s handling of the fiscal cliff and his decision to kick four Tea Party-backed Congressman out of key committee assignments.

  2. A Flat Tax The Solution to Fiscal Cliff?

    Former Rep. Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff.

  3. Does Election Win Give Obama Advantage in Fiscal Cliff Talks?

    Former Rep. Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on the need to reach a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff.

  4. Fiscal Cliff Ahead: Temporary Fix is Best Solution?

    Former house majority leader Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on the how Congress should handle the fiscal cliff before the tax cuts expire.

  5. Obama: I Believe in Redistribution

    Former Representative Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on whether the role of government will decide the outcome of the election.

  6. Rather: Haven’t Seen Attacks Like This in My Life

    HDNet’s Dan Rather breaks down the campaign tactics of the current GOP presidential hopefuls.

  7. 2012 GOP Race For the White House Doomed?

    FreedomWorks Tea Party Leader Dick Armey on the outlook for the Republican Party Presidential ticket in 2012

  8. McGlowan on Racism in America

    FOX News Contributor Angela McGlowan breaks down continued efforts to end prejudice.

  9. Nader on Occupy Wall Street & Tea Parties Common Causes

    Perennial Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses the similarities of the Wall Street Protests and the Tea Parties.

  10. Does Media Treat Wall Street Protests Different Than Tea Party?

    Campaign for America’s Future’s Richard Eskow on whether there is a double-standard in how the media covers the Wall Street protests compared to how it covers Tea Party rallies.

  11. Treasury's Pension Raids in Past Debt Ceiling Fights

    “It would be inexcusable for us to not be able to take care of last year’s business.” —President Barack Obama, April 2011"The fact that we are here today to debate r...

  12. Will There Be a Debt Ceiling Showdown?

    Jonathan Weisman of the Wall Street Journal weighs in on the debt ceiling and the president's State of the Union address.

  1. ‘Tax the rich’ policies working?

    The Heritage Foundation’s Steve Moore weighs in on U.S. tax policies and the economy.

  2. Dennis Hastert on the opposition to John Boehner

    Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, (R-Ill.), on the growing opposition to Speaker John Boehner within the Republican Party.

  3. Outrage over IRS bonuses

    Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on reports the IRS gave bonuses to employees guilty of not paying taxes and Florida Congressional candidate Curt Clawson’s win in the Republican Primary.

  4. Republicans not getting tough on spending?

    Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey , (R-Texas), and Dent Research founder Harry Dent on the government’s mounting spending.

  5. Sequestration Not a Cut, But a Slowing of Rate of Growth?

    Former Rep. Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on the blame game in the sequestration debate.

  6. Dick Armey on Government Spending

    Former Rep. Dick Armey , (R-Texas), on the President’s big government policies.

  7. Finding Middle Ground in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    Former Rep. Dick Armey , (R-Texas), weighs in on fiscal cliff negotiations.

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