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Overdraft Fees

Bank on This: Bank of America to pay millions in refunds

Big bank to shell out $772M in refunds and fines

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  1. BofA considers new checking account that prevents overdrafts

    The Wall Street Journal Reporter Robin Sidel on Bank of America considering a new checking account that would help save consumers on potential overdraft fees .

  2. 6 Cold, Hard Truths to Know When Choosing a Bank

    Should you trust your banker to watch out for you?Not always. They have incentives and goals to meet, such as referring a specified number of clients each month to a...

  3. How Many Bank Accounts Do You Need?

    Married, with multiple bank accounts?It sounds simple: one bank account for checking and one account for saving. But for many of us, life is a little more complicate...

  4. Checking Account Fees Rise But Less Steeply

    The bad news: Checking fees hit a record high in Bankrate's 2013 Checking Survey. The good news: Free checking may survive after all.This year's Checking Survey saw ...

  5. Bank fees hit record highs senior financial analyst Greg McBride on the steps to minimizing bank fees.

  6. How to find the most affordable checking account

    Shopper's Market: All banks aren't created equal

  7. Banking Fees Climb for 15th Year: How to Avoid Costs

    Here's some bad news for banking customers: Fees at financial institutions are up for the 15 th consecutive year. Checking fees also hit a record high this year, acc...

  8. Reflecting on Fed's Critical Role in 9/11 Response

    It's been exactly a dozen years since terrorists crippled markets around the world with a devastating attack aimed at the heart of the American financial system.In j...

  9. Bank Services on Top of Checking Accounts

    Have a checking account? You probably also need a mortgage, investment services and all kinds of other financial products, right? At least that's what your bank is h...

  10. Monthly banking fees can add up

    In a recent survey from the American Bankers Association, 53 percent of respondents reported paying no monthly fees for ATM withdrawals and checking-account maintena...

  11. 9 Common Financial Frustrations & How to Handle Them

    There's nothing worse than trying to stay on top of your finances, doing everything right, and keeping track of it all, only to be met with frustrations from the ver...

  12. 5 Things You Need to Know About Payroll Cards

    One of the latest twists in plastic has nothing to do with celebrities, shopping sprees or rewards programs.It's the payroll card .Payroll cards are exactly what the...

  1. Ouch! $30 is the New Average for Overdraft Fees

    It only takes seconds to take out more cash than what is available in your account, and that mistake will cost you.According to a recent study from Moeb's Services, ...

  2. Pot hits national airwaves

    John Layfield and Ty Young weigh in on the growing acceptance of marijuana and broadcasters airing marijuana ads.

  3. Do you pay for checking?

    Moebs Services CEO Mike Moebs on Bank of America’s new checking account.

  4. Can't Build Savings? Try 'Insulating' Your Finances

    Every winter, there are reminders to do an energy audit of your home. An inefficient appliance here, some outdated insulation there can create a daily drain on your ...

  5. Banks targeting military service members with fees?

    Jessie Jane Duff, Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret.), on the bank fees facing members of the U.S. military.

  6. Banks threatening to charge you for saving money?

    American Banker Editor-in-Chief Neil Weinberg on banks considering charging fees for savings and checking accounts.

  7. 5 Financial Traps Awaiting Young Adults

    Students who venture into the world without grasping some basic financial concepts may be setting themselves up for disaster. Yet many young adults leave for college...

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