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Export Import Bank Of The United States

How millennials view capitalism

The King’s College Economic Professor Brian Brenberg discusses students’ views on free market capitalism.

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  1. Rep. Issa: We need to maintain the Export -Import Bank

    Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), on the need to reform the Export - Import Bank .

  2. Stossel 06/26/14: Crapitalism

    Stossel takes on crony capitalism and the Export - Import Bank

  3. S&P issues warning on Boeing

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on S&P’s warning on Boeing.

  4. Fallout of Boeing’s 737 fuselage accident

    Reason Magazine editor-in-chief Matt Welch and Stifel Nicolaus portfolio manager Chad Morganlander on how the train derailment that dumped several Boeing 737 fuselages could impact the aerospace giant’s stock price.

  5. Ex -Im Bank a taxpayer subsidy for crony capitalism?

    George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux weighs in on the U.S. Export - Import Bank and the U.S. economy.

  6. Lawmakers cry cronyism

    White House press secretary Josh Earnest and Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore on the Congressional fight over the Export - Import Bank .

  7. Government raking in tax money despite weak economy?

    Heritage Foundation chief economist Steven Moore on the economy, taxes and ObamaCare.

  8. GOP cronyism a problem?

    Sen. Mike Lee on his new crusade against Republican cronyism.

  9. Stossel 03/20/2014: Spring Cleaning

    Get out your brooms, spring is here. Stossel is ready to clear out the junk, starting with bloat and waste in government

  10. After boom years, some Chinese firms run into trouble in crisis-hit Sudan

    When Chinese clothing wholesaler Chan Cui Xiao signed a deal with a Sudanese businessman to export colorful bed sheets to the African country he was confident of mak...

  11. Delta Airlines wants to stop Ex-Im help on big jets

    Delta Air Lines Inc wants the U.S. Export-Import Bank to stop helping state-owned foreign airlines buy wide-body jets from Boeing Co , and would be willing to forgo ...

  12. Delta Airlines wants to stop Ex -Im bank help on big jets

    Delta Air Lines wants the U.S. Export-Import Bank to stop helping state-owned foreign airlines buy wide-body jets from Boeing Co , and would be willing to forgo such...

  1. Westinghouse CEO on the impact of oil’s decline

    Westinghouse CEO Danny Roderick discusses the state of the energy industry.

  2. Samsung mobile profits plummeting as Apple’s profits surge

    Conservative commentator Katrina Pierson, The Wall Street Journal columnist Veronica Dagher and FBN’s Neil Cavuto and Tracy Byrnes on the Republican anti-poverty push, Samsung versus Apple and Bruce Jenner.

  3. Stossel 11/6/2014: And the winner is...

    What do the results of the midterm elections mean for freedom?

  4. If Republicans take control of Senate, will it affect the economy?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs, NewOak Capital President James Frischling, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on the midterm elections.

  5. Will the Constitution be amended to overturn Citizens United?

    Washington Examiner political columnist Tim Carney and Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky on the New York gubernatorial primary election and Citizens United.

  6. Is the Export -Import Bank hurting taxpayers, small business?

    Washington Examiner Political Columnist Tim Carney on the impact of the Export - Import Bank and corporate subsidies on taxpayers and small businesses.

  7. The Independents: rank the ‘Enemies of Freedom’

    The Independents discuss their list of Enemies of Freedom from zombies and Elizabeth Warren to Dick Cheney.

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