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Does Europe need structural reform?

Marshall Auerback of the Institute for Economic Thinking discusses the slowdown in Europe and how it could impact the U.S.

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  1. The economy freezing over?

    Financial advisor Derrick Kinney, Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the state of the economy.

  2. Economy too weak for Fed to raise rates?

    Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff on the economy and Federal Reserve policy.

  3. The strong dollar a bigger headwind than expected?

    Harris Financial Group Managing Partner Jamie Cox, Horter Investment Management founder Drew Horter, SFG Alternatives CIO Larry Shover, FBN contributor Phil Flynn and FBN’s Nicole Petallides on the markets.

  4. Wall Street plunges

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald, Jo Ling Kent and Maria Bartiromo discuss market selloff.

  5. How to invest around volatility

    Bob Doll of Nuveen Asset Management Average Joe Options Chief Strategist Todd Horwitz and Mizuho Securities USA CEO John Koudounis discuss how to invest in today’s market.

  6. Health care sector poised to take off?

    HighTower Managing Director Mike Pequeen, Weatherstone Capital Management Portfolio Manager Michael Ball and Tethys Partners Chief Market Strategist Bob Iaccino on the state of the markets.

  7. Will ECB stimulus bring Europe back from the brink of deflation?

    FBN’s Jennifer Schonberger talks to Busch Update Editor Andrew Busch about the ECB bond-buying program and the state of the European economy.

  8. ING CEO: Europe needs structural reform

    ING CEO Ralph Hamers on the ECB decision, the regulatory environment and the marriage of technology and banking.

  9. How bad weather impacts the economy

    FOX Business Contributor Jon Hilsenrath and Holland & Company Chairman Mike Holland discuss how weather impacts GDP and how the Fed will react to the recent ECB QE decision.

  10. Possible historic blizzard underway

    FBN’s Maria Bartiromo, Jo Ling Kent and Liz MacDonald discuss the headlines of the day.

  11. Greece: A risk to the Euro?

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on reports that European regulators asked banks to raise more capital.

  12. The Greek vote and your wallet

    Merk Investments President Axel Merk and Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Veronique De Rugy break down Greece’s Sunday elections, and discuss the likelihood of a possible exit from the eurozone.

  1. Navigating Q4 earnings

    Robert Keiser of S&P Capital IQ and Newedge Director of Market Strategy Robbert Van Batenburg discuss the fourth quarter reporting season.

  2. What’s left for the bulls?

    Janney Chief Investment Strategist Mark Luschini and Newedge Director of Market Strategy Robbert Van Batenburg discuss the state of the global economy and markets.

  3. Feldstein: Fed is being very wise about the inflation call

    Harvard University Professor of Economics Martin Feldstein on Federal Reserve policy.

  4. Is Apple’s $178B in cash holdings hurting the economy?

    The Wall Street Journal columnist Veronica Dagher, founder Todd Horwitz and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on Apple hoarding their cash holdings and overregulation.

  5. What’s next for the Fed?

    FOX Business Contributor’s Jon Hilsenrath and Phil Flynn, Former Richmond Federal Reserve President Al Broaddus Keith Bliss of Cuttone & Co., Chris Gersch of Altimus Capital and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key discuss Fed policy.

  6. Why a strong dollar could hurt U.S. companies

    FOX Business Contributor Bob Rice discusses the negative effect of a stronger dollar on U.S. companies.

  7. What investors want from the Fed

    OppenheimerFunds Chief Economist Jerry Webman discusses his outlook for the Fed.

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