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Steve Forbes

Report: Obama sought record number of tax increases

Time to end tax hikes in favor of a flat tax?

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  1. Most FOMC members see rate hike in 2015

    Money with Melissa Francis’ Fed panel weighs in on Yellen’s first FOMC meeting and monetary policy.

  2. Ron Paul’s comments on Bitcoin

    Former Congressman Ron Paul weighs in on digital currency and Bitcoin.

  3. Will Yellen scare or calm the markets?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and Larry Shover of SFG Alternatives discuss their outlook for Janet Yellen’s news conference.

  4. House committee releases scathing report on IRS scandal

    Will Lois Lerner be held in contempt?

  5. Political Insiders, Part 3: ObamaCare poll results

    Majority feel pessimistic

  6. Cook to shareholders: it’s not all about ROI

    Steve Forbes on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s global warming comments at the annual shareholders meeting.

  7. Steve Forbes on constitutionality of Obama’s exec. orders

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on President Obama’s use of executive orders.

  8. Secretary Sebelius vs. CBO: Who's right?

    HHS secretary claims there's 'no evidence' ObamaCare is hurting jobs

  9. War on the 1%?

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on calls to raise taxes on the wealthy.

  10. ND Governor: Our unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation, 2.7%

    Gov. Jack Dalrymple, (R-ND), on the state’s success in job creation.

  11. Is marriage the solution for poverty?

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on Sen. Marco Rubio’s comment about marriage and poverty.

  12. 'Era of Big Government' is back?

    Report: Record 1 in 5 households used food stamps in 2013

  1. Neil Cavuto Looks Back at Five Years of the Tea Party

    Five Years of the Tea Party

  2. French economist: tax the rich!

    Steve Forbes and Steve Moore on why taxing the rich is not a good plan for improving the economy.

  3. Parents fight back against push to close charter schools

    Unions cutting off only option for real change?

  4. Bill Ford: Ford is not a job, it’s my life

    Ford Motor Co. executive chairman Bill Ford on avoiding bankruptcy, rebuilding the company and his take on the economy.

  5. Fed cuts bond purchases by another $10B

    Money with Melissa Francis’ Fed panel reacts to the FOMC statement.

  6. Ron Paul: Monetary policy still out of control

    Former Rep. Ron Paul reacts to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s first FOMC meeting.

  7. Bitcoin vs. U.S. Dollar

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes , former Dallas Fed Vice President Gerald O’Driscoll and James Freeman of The Wall Street Journal discuss Bitcoin demand.

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