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Richard Fuld

Report: 38% of Highest-Paid CEOs Fail – Really?

This column is called Critical Thinking because people just don't do enough of it these days. Eyeball-catching headlines and controversial sound bites get posted and tweeted a thousand times before anyone stops to consider the validity of the content.Case in point: Left-leaning think tank Institute for Policy Studies released a report Wednesday concluding that 38% of the most "lavishly compensated CEOs" of the past 20 years were poor performers that ended up getting fired, paying massive settlements or fines for fraud, or led firms that crashed and had to be bailed out by the feds.Never mind that the headline reads "nearly 40%" but it's really 38%. What's a few percent when you're bashing greedy executives, right?  Not surprisingly, the news was picked up by Reuters and echoed by everyone from The New York Times and CNBC to Yahoo and the Huffington Post. And none of these fine media outlets spent a few minutes to look into the report and see if its conclusions held water. They don't. T...

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