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Richard Branson

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo sees 1,000% increase in funds

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin on helping small businesses raise money through crowdfunding and company growth.

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  1. Sir Richard Branson : Love Field is made for Virgin America

    Virgin Group chairman Sir Richard Branson on the importance of Love Field in Dallas to Virgin America.

  2. How to handle career, business curveballs

    LinkedIn Executive Editor Dan Roth and Hint CEO Kara Goldin on how to deal with changes and curveballs in your career.

  3. Nine Ways to Find Inspiration

    Here are nine potential cures for entrepreneurs suffering from creativity block.

  4. Travel to space with a $250,000 ticket

    Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch on the company, its partnership with Virgin Galactic and space travel.

  5. Learn from LinkedIn influencers

    LinkedIn Executive Editor Dan Roth on how the professional social media site is offering insights for users from ‘influencers’ such as Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman on real estate.

  6. 5 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs

    From an early age, I was given the tools to build my own business. These are gifts you can pass on to your child whether you’re an entrepreneur or not.

  7. Can My Pet Earn Frequent Flier Miles?

    Looking to earn frequent flier miles for your globetrotting dog or cat?You'll have to book Sassy and Max on either New York-based JetBlue or London-based Virgin Atla...

  8. What’s the Deal, Neil: $1B for Ukraine, who’s cashing the check?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the U.S.’s $1B ‘gift’ to Ukraine.

  9. Is Your Business Partner Helping or Hurting Your Business?

    What I've found is that partnerships seem to work well in startups, but lose their luster and even turn toxic when a company grows up. Learn from my experiences.

  10. Too stoned to succeed?

    Ebbu CEO Dooma Wendschuh weighs in on Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown’s statements on legal marijuana.

  11. LinkedIn Opens 'Influencer' Blogs To All Members

    LinkedIn Corp is attempting to become more like Facebook Inc by encouraging all members to generate a steady stream of shareable articles, a perk once available only...

  12. Is Our Education System Hurting Entrepreneurship?

    Here are three ways in which the global education system needs to change in order to foster the kind of entrepreneurial thinking that is crucial to the success -- and survival -- of the world, according to English philosopher Sir Ken Robinson.

  1. Hot-air balloon that can fly to edge of space

    World View CEO Jane Poynter on creating a luxury hot air balloon that can travel 20 miles above the earth’s surface.

  2. Green juice on-the-go

    Aloha CEO Constantin Bisanz weighs in on his green product business.

  3. Startup Odyssey Airlines uses crowdfunding to raise capital

    Odyssey Airlines CEO Adam Scott explains his decision to crowdfund an airline.

  4. Maria Bartiromo chats with NASA astronauts in space

    NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson on life on the International Space Station.

  5. Spirit Airlines CEO: We operate differently than Virgin America

    Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza on the brand relaunch.

  6. Further consolidation ahead in health-care sector?

    SkyBridge senior portfolio manager Troy Gayeski on the upcoming SALT Conference and the sectors expecting an increase in M&A activity.

  7. Sir Richard Branson : Love Field is made for Virgin America

    Virgin Group chairman Sir Richard Branson on the importance of Love Field in Dallas to Virgin America.

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