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Lloyd Blankfein

Gasparino: Hillary Clinton likely to raise $2.5B

Wall Street executives tell FBN’s Charlie Gasparino that Hillary Clinton’s funding will hit $2.5 billion.

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  1. CNBC's BofA, FBN-heckler exposed

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino with details on who from CNBC heckled BAC’s CEO before an FBN interview in Davos—and it’s ‘not the usual thugs’.

  2. Dirty little tricks at Davos?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino with the latest scoop from Davos.

  3. Big banks duke it out

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino says JPMorgan banker say Goldman Sachs will to need to buy an asset manager or brokerage firm.

  4. Stocks down due to cheap oil prices?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino explains what’s behind the market selloff.

  5. Hilary Clinton backpedals from saying business don’t create jobs

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino weighs in on Hilary Clinton and Wall Street.

  6. Mark Zuckerberg addresses audience in Mandarin

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent breaks down Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at Tsinghua University in China.

  7. Gasparino: Goldman ramping up examination of wealth-management expansion

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino says Goldman Sachs is very serious about expanding their wealth management business.

  8. Gasparino: Goldman mulling wealth management expansion

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on Goldman Sachs looking to expand asset and wealth management.

  9. Polar vortex will send chills through energy market

    Fairfax Global Markets CEO Paul Dietrich, The Schork Report editor Stephen Schork, Average Joe Options chief strategist Todd Horwitz on cold-weather’s impact on the energy market.

  10. Gasparino: Goldman weighing formal announcement on trading layoffs

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino with breaking news on Goldman Sachs staffing cuts.

  11. Signs of trouble on the horizon?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparin, James Freeman of The Wall Street Journal, former Federal Reserve Board governor Wayne Angell and Reason editor-in-chief Matt Welch on signs of trouble from the Fed.

  12. Did Cantor’s Wall Street connections impact the Virginia primary?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on Eric Cantor’s Wall Street connections and the Virginia primary upset.

  1. Gasparino on Jeb Bush’s 2016 fundraising infrastructure

    FBN's Charlie Gasparino on Jeb Bush quietly raising millions for a presidential bid.

  2. Hillary Clinton’s campaign funding coming from Wall Street?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino discusses whether Hillary Clinton’s campaign could receive funding from Wall Street.

  3. Political civil war hitting Goldman Sachs

    FOX Business Senior Correspondent on Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein ’s support of Hillary Clinton, and Goldman’s split over showing support for Jeb Bush.

  4. Gasparino: Civil war brewing at Goldman over Bush and Clinton

    FOX Business Senior Correspondent on the Goldman Sachs civil war over employees spilt between supporting Bush and Clinton.

  5. Wall Street caving to President Obama?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel weighs in on the Goldman Sachs CEO’s comments on capitalism and whether Wall Street is caving in to President Obama.

  6. Tech stocks to watch

    Capital Wave Forecast’s Shah Gilani on investing in the tech, auto and banking sectors.

  7. Why is Wall Street adopting a liberal agenda?

    Fox Business Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino on Wall Street adopting a liberal agenda.

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