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Fritz Henderson

Will Satya Nadella transform Microsoft?

Former Medtronic CEO William George on Microsoft under Satya Nadella.

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  1. D-Day For Chrysler

    Autoliv VP Of Global GM Business Arthur Blanchford and IHS Global senior automotive analyst John Wolkonowicz on Chrysler's deadline and imminent bankruptcy decision.

  2. What Will a Chrysler Bankruptcy Look Like?

    Bankruptcy Attorney Richard Tilton on what a Chrysler bankruptcy could look like.

  3. GM Bondholders Make Counteroffer

    FBN's Adam Shapiro with breaking news from the UAW headquarters in Detroit.

  4. Big Step Toward Chrysler-Fiat Deal

    Detroit Free Press Auto Correspondent Justin Hyde on the judge giving Chrysler the green light to bidding procedures.

  5. GM To Restructure Its Investment In GMAC?

    Car and Driver Magazine Columnist David Davis, Woody Buick Pontiac GMC Owner Woody Woodring and Covenant Review Analyst Richard Tilton on some of the restructuring steps GM may take.

  6. GM Board Room Shake Up

    FBN's Jeff Flock reports on GM looking to get some new faces in the board room.

  7. GM CEO: Bankruptcy More Probable Today

    FBN's Jeff Flock on GM CEO Fritz Henderson's update on GM's likelihood of filing for bankruptcy.

  8. LIVE: GM to Follow Chrysler?

    Will GM become the second U.S. auto to file for bankruptcy? Check out the full hour of LIVE today.

  9. Auto Editor: Call it A GM Bankruptcy

    Automobile Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jean Jennings on the likelihood of GM going into bankruptcy.

  10. Auto-Part Dealers Feeling the Heat

    Neil De Koker, Original Equipment Suppliers Association CEO, sounds off on the auto mess.

  11. GM, Health Care and Rolls-Royce

    Eric Bolling breaks down the stories that made news today.

  12. Finance Expert: Put a Fork in it, GM's Done!

    Bracewell & Giuliani Partner Evan Flaschen weighs in on the future of General Motors.

  1. GM Exec on Outlook Amid Bankruptcy Rumors

    Susan Docherty, GM North America vice president for Buick, Pontiac and GMC, on the bailed-out auto maker's agenda amid talk of possible bankruptcy.

  2. Future of the Big 3

    Jean Jennings of Automobile Magazine on the financial shortcomings of the major U.S. automakers.

  3. Pontiac to be Shut Down?

    FBN's Adam Shapiro report on news that Pontiac may be shut down.

  4. Michigan Mayor: Not Saying Goodbye to GM

    Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero on the challenges ahead for GM and Chrysler.

  5. GM CEO: Company Can Turn Around By 2010

    GM CEO Fritz Henderson on GM's restructuring plan and why GM couldn't develop a successful strategy for Pontiac.

  6. LIVE: Auto Countdown

    The clock is ticking for the autos, but what's in store for the rest of the market? Check out the full hour of LIVE today.

  7. GM Debt for Equity Deal in Works?

    GM small bondholders Dennis Buchholtz and Chris Crowe on whether the auto maker will launch a debt for equity swap.

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