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Eric Schmidt

Hillary Clinton taps Silicon Valley for 2016 campaign

The Weekly Standard Online Editor Daniel Halper discusses Hillary Clinton’s hiring of a Google executive for her campaign’s tech effort.

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  1. Why does the EPA want to crack down on BBQs?

    State Senator Eric Schmitt, (R-Missouri), on the reasons why the EPA wants to crack down on barbecuing and monitor hotel showering.

  2. Midday Market Report: 3/18/15

    EPA looking to regulate propane grills, hotel showers

  3. Jay Carney heads to Amazon

    WSJ Tech Reporter Doug MacMillan on Former White House Secretary Jay Carney’s new job at Amazon.

  4. Is Google for or against net neutrality?

    Brody Mullins of The Wall Street Journal discusses the latest on the net-neutrality debate.

  5. Google's Schmidt predicts death of Internet

    FBN’s Lori Rothman on Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt ’s comments on the future of the Internet.

  6. End of the Internet coming soon?

    Kurt ‘The Cyber Guy’ Knutsson weighs in on the Internet and how it could be impacted by future tech innovations.

  7. Midday Market Report: 1/23/15

    McDonald’s reports quarterly decrease in sales

  8. The push to tax 529 plans

    University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust and Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber on President Obama’s proposal to tax 529 college plans.

  9. ING CEO: Europe needs structural reform

    ING CEO Ralph Hamers on the ECB decision, the regulatory environment and the marriage of technology and banking.

  10. Rep. Blackburn: Net neutrality rules will be damaging

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn.), gives her stance on the net neutrality debate.

  11. Managing the cyber threat

    Eric Hippeau of Lerer Hippeau Ventures gives his take on the importance of security for e-commerce and media.

  12. Encryption battle between big tech and DOJ

    Wall Street Journal Reporter Danny Yadron on the heated standoff between the DOJ and big tech over encryption rights.

  1. America evolving into a banana republic?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the state of America under the Obama Administration.

  2. Rep. Issa on government transparency, FOIA

    Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-CA), discusses government transparency, Google’s relationship with the government and the Freedom of Information Act.

  3. Google’s ties to Washington

    Brody Mullins of The Wall Street Journal discusses Google’s ties to the White House.

  4. Google executives meet at the white house once a week?

    Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich on Google’s crony capitalism, relationship with the White House and children climbing on the women’s Vietnam memorial.

  5. Google, business and the U.S. government

    Former Office Depot CEO Steve Odland on Google’s relationship with the U.S. government.

  6. Was Starbucks’ ‘RaceTogether’ campaign a good business decision?’s Herman Cain on crony capitalism, Starbucks ‘RaceTogether’ campaign and race relations.

  7. Government going easy on Google?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel discusses Google’s relationship with the U.S. government.

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