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Twitter Founders Add $1.5B to Personal Wealth With IPO

Twitter's (NYSE:TWTR) initial public offering went off without a hitch on Thursday to much fanfare.But behind the scenes, hidden amid the confetti and banners of Twitter's famous blue bird plastered all over the New York Stock Exchange, were three tech geniuses realizing they had just been catapulted to new levels of celebrity.The micro-blogging site's founders, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo, together added more than $1.5 billion to their personal wealth on Thursday amid Twitter's market debut, according to new data compiled by Wealth-X.Williams, who served as the company's first chief executive, owns the most shares in Twitter at nearly 57 million. He made out best on Thursday with a one-day gain of $1.075 billion, valuing his total stake in Twitter at $2.55 billion at its $44.90 closing price, according to Wealth-X. Dorsey, who owns 23.5 million shares and wrote the initial code for Twitter back in 2006, added $443 million to his personal wealth. His stake at the end of...

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    Two top senators target Eduardo Saverin for renouncing citizenship

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