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Tech Rewind: Netflix, Etsy set records

As earnings season picks up, Netflix sets a fresh record high and Etsy makes its public debut on the Nasdaq – this is your tech rewind of the week.

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  1. How to prepare your portfolio for disappointing earnings

    Point View Wealth Management President David Dietze on where to put your money now.

  2. Can Iran be trusted to adhere to a potential deal?

    Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb on the nuclear talks with Iran.

  3. Is a consumption tax the solution?

    Cato Tax Policy Expert Dan Mitchell, Forbes Executive Editor Mike Ozanian, Democratic Strategist Julie Roginsky and FBN’s Neil Cavuto debate the potential impact of a consumption tax.

  4. Grant on Greece

    James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer discusses Greece’s fight with the EU .

  5. Why is Russia deploying strategic bombers and military exercises?

    Ret. Major General Robert Scales on Why Russia is conducting ‘snap’ military exercises, sanctions against Russia and being indicted by the Russian CMTE.

  6. Are we facing a regulatory liquidity crunch?

    Old Mutual Asset Management CEO Peter Bain and U.S. Bank Wealth Management Fixed Income Head Jennifer Vail discuss market liquidity and government regulation.

  7. Tunisia terror attack

    Former U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff General Jack Keane on the Tunisian Museum terror attack.

  8. Greece finance minister gives the finger to Germany?

    Forbes Contributor Carrie Sheffield, FBN’s Adam Shapiro and Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum on whether Greece will default, ‘finger-gate’ and the government selling pot.

  9. Where to get the best bang for your buck?

    Guggenheim Chairman Scott Minerd discusses his outlook for the Fed and markets.

  10. Baker on stress tests, Russia

    Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Jerry Baker discusses the most important stories you need to know.

  11. Where are the growth opportunities for investors?

    Wall Financial Group’s Michael Wall, Recon Capital Managing Partner Kevin Kelly, UNTL Capital Partner Maged Bishara and founder Todd Horwitz on the state of the markets.

  12. Ross: Greek exit would be bad for both sides

    WL Ross & Co. CEO Wilbur Ross discusses Greek debt negotiations with the EU .

  1. EU fights back against Google’s defense over antitrust charges

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent on Google stock and EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager’s comments discussing Google’s defense against antitrust charges.

  2. Google responds to EU antitrust allegations

    Google Head of Economic Policy in Europe Adam Cohen discusses how the company will deal with the EU ’s antitrust violation allegations.

  3. EU accuses Google of violating antitrust laws

    The EU has filed formal charges against Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws. FBN’s Jo Ling Kent with the story.

  4. EU files antitrust charges against Google

    FBN’s Ashley Webster breaks down the details of the European Union ’s filing of antitrust charges against Google.

  5. Obama to meet with Castro

    Foundation for Defense of Democracy Claudia Rosett and Former U.S. Ambassador to org. of American States Roger F. Noriega on Obama’s planned meeting with Castro at the Summit and Cuba relations.

  6. FedEx CEO on TNT deal

    FedEx CEO Fred Smith on acquiring Dutch package delivery firm TNT for $4.8 billion.

  7. EU prepares to take on Google

    The Wall Street Journal reports the EU is preparing to move against Google in the next few weeks over antitrust issues. FBN’s Jo Ling Kent with the story.

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