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Enron Corporation

43 Questions for Regulators about High-Frequency Trading

Note to the reader: "High-frequency trading" also known as "HFT" is done by firms established for sole purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other stock market participants. Please keep that in mind as you read on.Why has the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) failed to abolish HFT? Wasn't the 60 Minutes report about illicit HFT enough to shame the agency? Or will the American public need to wait a few years for the Hollywood movie to come out?After 80 years of practice, is today's SEC really better than previous versions from previous eras? What did the SEC learn from its recent colossal failures to protect the investing public like the Enron, Madoff, and mutual fund late trading scandals (Nasdaq:VFINX)? Remember Harry Markopolos?What's the real purpose of HFT? Does the SEC know? Is it really to create market liquidity as purported?Isn't it true the only market liquidity HFT seemingly create is purely incidental to their other dishonest activities, which always take priori...

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  1. Hollywood Prefers Wall Street Bad Boys

    I wonder if there's an All the President's Men -type movie to be made about Wall Street corruption?In that 1976 movie Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford portrayed Car...

  2. JPMorgan hit for Madoff ties

    Former SEC enforcement attorney Ron Geffner on JPMorgan's ties to Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme.

  3. Dennis Kozlowski: Scoundrel or Scapegoat?

    There are two things I love to do in bed: eat nuts and read. Never mind what you thought I was going to say. Anyway, about ten years ago, while loudly chomping away ...

  4. What can CEOs learn from Dennis Kozlowski?

    ‘Taking Down the Lion’ author Catherine Neal on former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski.

  5. Report: JPM Urged to Err from Metal Warehousing

    The U.S. Federal Reserve was pressing JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) to distance itself from its metals warehousing business more than a year ago, documents seen by Reu...

  6. Out of the Box Thinking for Investing in Scary Times

    I find that Americans are asking more and more often, "Are there ways to protect our assets from market volatility and still make a competitive rate of return?"Many ...

  7. Lies, Damn Lies and ObamaCare

    Last week I was informed by the agent who handles my firm's health-care insurance that, come 2014, our group plan will be cancelled and replaced with an ObamaCare pl...

  8. Bill De Blasio's ties to Wall Street

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on Bill De Blasio's key advisor.

  9. Should Silicon Valley Be Toasting Twitter IPO?

    Analysts weigh in on what the Twitter IPO means for other startups, and whether we’re headed toward a second dotcom bubble.

  10. Power Play 11/4/13: Team Obama offers excuses

    Obama sends team to Sunday shows to resuscitate ObamaCare. Plus - one day left until election day in Virginia

  11. For CFOs, It's No Longer Only About the Money

    Over the past two decades the role of the corporate CFO has evolved from simply a numbers guru to a big-picture thinker involved in nearly every facet of the company...

  12. Out-of-the-Box-Thinking for Investing in Scary Times

    I find that Americans are asking more and more often, "Are there ways to protect our assets from market volatility and still make a competitive rate of return?" Many...

  1. Meet Nasdaq Composite 2.0

    The Nasdaq Composite crossed back over the 4000 threshold earlier this year for the first time in 14 years, taking the index back to levels unseen since the heady da...

  2. Former scam artist says Bitcoin a criminal magnet

    Former Crazy Eddie’s CFO Sam Antar gives insight into Bitcoin.

  3. Stossel 02/06/2014: Reputation is everything

    Why reputation is better for the country than rules and regulations from the government

  4. GE to Up Energy Spending to Aid Drilling Boom

    General Electric Co (NYSE:GE) plans to intensify research focusing on complex energy projects such as waterless fracking and gas turbine efficiency by earmarking an ...

  5. Report: Firm tapped to fix ObamaCare site has mixed record

    A closer look at Accenture

  6. OPINION: Truth and Justice Eluded Former Tyco Execs Kozlowski and Swartz

    Over the past two decades, our addiction to cell phones ended our need for public pay phones. As a result, there are no more telephone booths.For those of us who gre...

  7. Power Play 1/2/14: ObamaCare becomes reality

    How do you define success with ObamaCare? Plus - Hillary woos the left

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