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How to choose employer-sponsored health insurance

Consumer Reports Senior Health Editor Nancy Metcalf on the steps to choosing a workplace-sponsored health insurance.

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  1. How does the new Amazon Fire phone stack up?

    Consumer Reports Senior Electronics Editor Mike Gikas on the new Amazon Fire.

  2. Sprint to launch aggressive pricing plan

    Mashable Tech Editor Pete Pachal on the reports on Sprint’s new pricing plan.

  3. Where to find growth in the current market

    Glenmede Director of Investment Strategy Jason Pride on where to find growth in the current market, Russia’s economy, international and emerging markets.

  4. Pain pills putting your health at risk?

    Consumer Reports Deputy Content Editor Lisa Gill on the potential health risks of pain medication.

  5. Tesla hits a few road blocks

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent on a new report on Tesla’s Model S and the competition between Uber and Lyft.

  6. Intel unveils new computer chip technology

    Money Map Press’s Michael Robinson, FBN’s Nicole Petallides and Liz MacDonald on the markets, Exact Sciences Corporation, Tesla, and Intel’s new computer chip.

  7. Tesla Model S glitches

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Tesla’s Model S problems.

  8. Chicken processed in China putting your health at risk?

    University of Georgia Professor Michael Doyle on the potential risks of processing foods such as chicken in China.

  9. Secret ways to save at the supermarket

    Consumer Reports Senior Projects Editor Tod Marks offers tips for saving money at the grocery store.

  10. Energy Star label not living up to the hype?

    Consumer Watchdog John Simpson on efforts to improve the energy efficiency of home appliances.

  11. Should investors buy into defense sector?

    Belpointe Chief Strategist David Nelson, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on what should be on investors’ radar.

  12. Favorite fast food survey results may surprise you

    Shopper's Market: Consumer Reports editor breaks down the findings

  1. Could you get your car repaired for little or nothing?

    Consumer Reports Auto Editor Mark Rechtin on the cases in which consumers can get their cars repaired for free or at little cost.

  2. CVS settles with California over deceptive packaging

    Consumer Reports Senior Editor Tod Marks on the often misleading way companies package goods.

  3. Americans beginning to spend again?

    Consumer Reports Senior Editor Tod Marks on the latest trends in consumer spending in America.

  4. Are some expired drugs okay to take?

    Consumer Reports Deputy Content Editor Lisa Gill and FNC Medical A-Team ‘s Dr. Manny Alvarez on the shelf life of medication.

  5. Customer service morphing into customer self-service?

    Consumer Reports Senior Projects Manager Tod Marks on how technology is impacting how companies interact with consumers.

  6. Telecom merger outrage

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Dish Network petitioning the FCC to reject the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

  7. DEA raises restrictions on painkillers

    New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center’s Dr. Steven Reisman on government efforts to curb abuse of certain painkillers.

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