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What if the GOP takes Senate?

Byron York of The Washington Examiner discusses his outlook for the midterm elections.

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  1. White House interfering with Secret Service investigation?

    Rep. Ron DeSantis, (R-Fla.), on the investigation into the Secret Service prostitution scandal.

  2. Will midterm election be a rebuke of Obama Administration policies?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the impact of Obama Administration policies on the midterm elections.

  3. Jeff Bezos looks to take the Washington Post national CEO Scott Kurnit on the NFL’s deal with Disney’s ESPN and Time Warner, how Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is working to bring The Washington Post nationwide, and the future of Netflix.

  4. Hong Kong protesters, government officials unwilling to compromise?

    ‘The Coming Collapse of China’ author Gordon Chang on the protests in Hong Kong.

  5. Ebola linked to climate change?

    Climate Depot’s Marc Morano weighs in on the climate change debate on the Ebola virus and walruses in Alaska.

  6. U.S. airstrikes against ISIS too late?

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter on President Obama’s strategy for fighting ISIS in the Middle East.

  7. Was Goodell’s speech spurred by sponsor complaints?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino cites sources saying NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s speech was impelled by sponsors.

  8. Millennials missing out on many of life’s milestones? Political Editor Guy Benson and Forbes Senior Political Contributor Rick Ungar on why many Millennials are delaying some of life’s milestones such as marriage and buying a home.

  9. Media downplaying President Obama’s low approval rating?

    Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff compares the media’s coverage of President Obama’s approval rating versus its coverage of President George W. Bush.

  10. Survey: 50% of women disapprove of President Obama

    Katie Pavlich and The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel weigh in on a poll about womens’ approval of President Obama and Americans’ view on today’s economy.

  11. DOJ trying to work with Democrats on IRS probe coverage?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on reports of a DOJ official accidentally calling Rep. Issa instead of Rep. Cummings.

  12. What will Obama do about ISIS?

    Washington Examiner political columnist Tim Carney, Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky on what President Obama might do about ISIS and Sen. Mark Udall’s (D-CO) debate comments.

  1. Wave midterm election for the GOP?

    Disruptor Capital CEO Pete Snyder on President Obama, the GOP and the midterm elections.

  2. Fed workers given $775M in paid leave?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano and author Mark Steyn weigh in on a report about government workers and the money they are given in paid leave.

  3. Father Jonathan Morris on his trip to the Vatican

    FOX News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on his trip to Rome and his latest book.

  4. Cheap gas, Ebola’s impacts on the markets

    Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore weighs in on oil and gasoline prices, the midterm elections and the Ebola virus.

  5. Will a GOP midterm win cause a market rally?

    FBN’s Stuart Varney weighs in on the midterm elections.

  6. Private hospital or government to blame for Ebola response?

    Black Rock Group Senior Director Lisa Boothe and Newsday columnist Ellis Henican on efforts to contain the Ebola crisis.

  7. President Obama too busy with fundraisers to deal with scandals?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the impact of Obama Administration scandals and policies on Democrats in the midterm elections.

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