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Jack Bogle: Don’t get out of the market

The Vanguard Group founder Jack Bogle on the state of the markets and the best strategies for investors.

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  1. JCP Lowers Poison Pill Trigger

    J.C. Penney Co Inc said on Tuesday it extended its poison pill until 2017, and lowered the threshold at which it would dilute the holdings of any shareholder, to pre...

  2. Hertz Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan

    Hertz Global Holdings (NYSE:HTZ) adopted a one-year shareholder rights plan to ward off investors looking to amass a large stake in the car-rental giant.The company ...

  3. Kudos to Judge For Asking Tough Questions

    After covering Wall Street, the financial markets and economic policy for much of the past two decades I can count on one hand the number of people I've written abou...

  4. The Eight Roadblocks to Financial Security and Peace

    You live in a period of time that's been financially shaken. Cities like Detroit have gone bankrupt, and states like California and Illinois are teetering on the bri...

  5. Protect Your Retirement: Obstacles to Building Wealth

    For more than a decade, we have heard the cry for help from a very broad cross-section of the population. They ask, "What should I do with my money? How can I build ...

  6. Reducing Tax Liability of Mutual Funds

    When it comes to mutual fund investing, it's not what you earn that matters as much as what you manage to keep.Indeed, the net return on your portfolio can be hugely...

  7. Passive fund manager Vanguard turns activist in some board votes

    Fund manager Vanguard Group Inc opposed the election of board members in a number of high-profile proxy contests this year, votes that help explain why directors at ...

  8. Dell Delays Buyout Vote Until July 24

    Faced with continued investor resistance, Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) on Thursday pushed back its special shareholder meeting to approve Michael Dell's $24.4 billion buyout u...

  9. Large Dell Shareholders Against Deal - Report

    Several large shareholders of Dell Inc. are signaling their opposition to a privatization deal that comes up for a vote on Thursday morning. According to an afternoo...

  10. Exclusive: Vanguard nets $40 billion from funds that switched benchmark

    Vanguard Group Chief Executive William McNabb on Tuesday said the No. 1 U.S. mutual fund company had accumulated $40 billion in net assets during the first half of t...

  11. Fidelity replaces manager after mixed picks on financial stocks

    Benjamin Hesse's 1-year return as a stock picker in the brokerage and investment sector crushed most of his competition.But apparently the Fidelity fund manager's 53...

  12. Has Chase's Dimon Grown Too Powerful?

    Long seen as the unofficial king of Wall Street, Jamie Dimon's grasp on power is now under unprecedented assault from those who fear he's grown too dominant.The batt...

  1. Vanguard CEO on investing

    The Vanguard Group CEO Bill McNabb breaks down how to allocate capital.

  2. Vanguard CEO: See more money moving into emerging markets

    The Vanguard Group CEO Bill McNabb talks high-frequency trading and money movement in emerging markets.

  3. Vanguard CEO: Getting to 3% GDP will be challenging

    The Vanguard Group CEO Bill McNabb on economic growth and investing.

  4. Housing: Small economic sector with big impact

    Former Bain Capital managing director Ed Conard and The Vanguard Group CEO Bill McNabb discuss housing’s impact on the economy.

  5. Conard: Unpatriotic tax policies are damaging our economy

    Former Bain Capital managing director Ed Conard and The Vanguard Group CEO Bill McNabb on businesses parking cash overseas.

  6. Cohen's SAC Capital Increases Stake in Zynga

    Steven A. Cohen's investment-firm SAC Capital Advisors on Thursday disclosed an increased stake in Zynga Inc., now owning more than 5% of the game maker's shares.Zyn...

  7. How to earn more on your cash reserves

    “Cash is trash” is commonly heard amid the fervor of stock-market rallies, like the one in 2013. Cash was a worse option than stocks and many other asset classes.But...

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