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Another financial meltdown in the making?

Stratfor Chairman George Friedman discusses house Russia’s economy problems could impact the U.S.

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  1. Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for Europe

    Peter Zeihan, Stratfor VP of analysis/European analyst, breaks down the economic debt crisis taking place in Europe.

  2. Greece's 'Contagion' Effect

    Peter Zeihan, VP of analysis at Stratfor , breaks down the latest from Greece and offers his thoughts on a potential European "contagion" effect.

  3. More Downgrades on the Way for Europe?

    Peter Zeihan, Stratfor VP of Analysis and European analyst, weighs in on S&P cutting the credit rating of the EFSF, and how this will impact markets and borrowing.

  4. Stratfor CEO: I Take Responsibility for Cyber Attack

    Stratfor CEO George Friedman on the Christmas day hack attack that forced the company offline.

  5. Hackers Steal More than Credit Card Data

    Here's a newsflash: Hackers can wreak havoc for credit card owners. As tales of identity theft and stolen credit cards become a seemingly almost everyday occurrence,...

  6. The Impact of the STRATFOR Cyber Attack Founder Michael Fertik on the impact of the hacking on STRATFOR and how businesses can protect themselves online.

  7. STRATFOR Hit by Hack Attack by ‘Anonymous

    FBN’s Shibani Joshi on the security breach of security analysis firm STRATFOR .

  8. Analyst: Greece Won’t Bring Down EU

    Stratfor VP of Analysis and European Analyst Peter Zeihan on the European debt crisis and why Greece’s crisis won’t cause the EU to collapse.

  9. Zeihan: Euro Market Fears Unfounded

    Peter Zeihan, Stratfor VP of analysis/ European analyst, on investment fears surrounding Spanish and Italian markets and the Euro-debt crisis.

  10. What’s Next For Greece and the EU?

    Stratfor Eurasia Analyst Marko Papic weighs in on the Greek financial crisis.

  11. Mubarak Steps Down, Hands Power to Army

    A furious wave of protest finally swept Egypt 's President Hosni Mubarak from power on Friday after 30 years of one-man rule, sparking jubilation on the streets and ...

  12. Friedman: Iran Will Have Enormous Influence in Region

    George Friedman , CEO of STRATFOR and author of “The Next Decade,” on Mubarak’s reign in Egypt, U.S. and Iranian relations.

  1. What’s next for the crisis in Iraq?

    Kissinger Associates vice chairman Bob Hormats and Stratfor Middle East analyst Kamran Bokhari give insight into the Iraq crisis.

  2. Former EIA administrator: Iraq is a serious threat

    Former EIA administrator Jay Hakes and Stratfor VP of Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs Kamran Bokhari on crisis in Iraq and the global oil supply.

  3. What’s next for Ukraine?

    Stratfor VP of global analysis Reva Bhalla on rising geopolitical tensions in Ukraine.

  4. Why is Europe quiet on Russia-Ukraine situation?

    Stratfor Global Intelligence’s George Friedman on the Russia-Ukraine situation.

  5. Impact of Ukraine

    Stratfor chairman George Friedman discusses the Russian-Ukraine crisis.

  6. For Europe ETFs, Unemployment Rates Don't Mean Much

    At least not in 2013. The eurozone is contending with a jobless rate of around 12 percent, but when it comes to country-specific ETFs tracking European nations (both...

  7. Iran Clash Could Create Market Chaos

    The financial world remains glued to the standoff in the Middle East between Iran and the West, searching for clues of an airstrike by Israel or even the U.S. that c...

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