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Time to move away from the Clinton, Bush political dynasties?

Author Deirdre Imus, Attorney Arthur Aidala and FBN’s Dagen McDowell and Nat Candido sound off on topics that make them most angry.

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  1. Parole for Car Insurance Offenders

    Anyone who's had an accident or gotten a speeding ticket knows the feeling.If only you could do things over again, you'd obey the speed limit. Or yield. Or just stay...

  2. Will Insurers Soon Pay us Not to Speed?

    Would you speed if you were paid not to? That's the thrust of a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) showing that motorists followed...

  3. Pay-as-You-Drive Insurance Plans: What Drivers Need to Know

    To get the benefits of a pay-as-you-drive discount, your car must be:A 1996 or later model equipped with an onboard diagnostics (OBDII) port that accepts a telematic...

  4. Drive Less, Save More

    Pay-as-you-drive may be the future of car insurance and a way to save money -- that's clearly what insurers are suggesting -- but is it the best coverage for you?If ...

  5. A Car Insurance Discount for Voting?

    Here's a development that could put a whole new spin on Decision 2016.Safeco Insurance of America last week was assigned a patent for using voter registration and vo...

  6. The Rise of Usage-Based Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance companies would really like to know how well you drive on a daily basis. Usage-based insurance (UBI) products let them monitor your driving in exchang...

  7. Nine Car Insurance Deals You Could be Missing

    With gas prices stubbornly staying above $3 per gallon, you owe it to yourself to find ways you can save on the cost of driving. If you haven't reviewed your car ins...

  8. Can You Profit from Pharma Despite Health-Care Uncertainties?

    JMP Securities Director of Research Liisa Bayko on pharmaceutical companies investors should consider despite the uncertainties related to the health-care law.

  9. Bear Grylls on His Adventurous Career

    “Mud, Sweat and Tears” author Bear Grylls on his adventurous career as a survival expert.

  10. Ten Part-time Jobs for Retirees

    10 part-time jobs for retireesIf you're at or near retirement, you may find that a part-time or occasional job would make a big difference to your budget.Beyond pape...

  11. Boehner: Our Debt is Like a 'Wet Blanket' on Economy

    House Speaker John Boehner weighs in on debt and the Republicans’ position on tax increases.

  12. Seven Ways to Spy on Your Teen Driver

    It's no secret that newly minted young drivers are inexperienced risk-takers.Their inexperience comes at a price, both in accidents and insurance rates. According to...

  1. CeeLo Green and Wes Welker in trouble?

    Fox News Contributor Deroy Murdock, ‘The Independents’ Kmele Foster and Comedian Jimmy Failla discuss football, baseball and cee lo green.

  2. J.D. Power Names Best, Worst Insurers for Property Claims

    A recent study by J.D. Power puts Amica Mutual, Erie Insurance and Nationwide at the top for consumer satisfaction when pursuing property claims. The research firm h...

  3. Is this Rate Increase Normal for One Ticket?

    Question: I got my first ticket in 20 years of driving.  My six-month premium went up by $200. Is this normal?Answer:  Without knowing what violation you were convic...

  4. Pay-as-You-Drive: Not for Night Owls

    Question: I just started with the Safeco Rewind program. I didn't realize when I started the program that my working 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. may be a problem. I am a ho...

  5. 9 Auto Insurance Discounts Not Miss

    Are you getting every discount you can?Auto insurance is one of those unavoidable costs that go with owning a vehicle. But one thing you can avoid is paying too much...

  6. Early Losses Level Off on Cyprus Vote Reschedule

    FBN’s Stuart Varney breaks down the stories moving the markets early in the trading day.

  7. When Fido Rides Shotgun

    Americans shared their homes with 377.4 million animals in 2011, according to the American Pet Products Association survey.Cats were the most popular pet, at 86.4 mi...

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