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Credit card switch to chips moves slowly credit expert John Ulzheimer, University of Maryland Economist Peter Morici and personal finance expert Vera Gibbons on the slow progress in the transition to credit card chip-and-pin technology and the state of the economy.

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  1. Halliburton reportedly in talks to buy Baker Hughes

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides on the highlights from the day in the markets.

  2. Outlook for holiday sales

    Estimize Senior Vice President Christine Short gives her outlook for the holiday season’s retail winners and losers.

  3. West Coast port delays weigh on retailers

    ‘The Frackers’ author Gregory Zuckerman and Belus Capital Advisors CEO Brian Sozzi and FBN’s Adam Shapiro on how the holiday season will impact retail stocks and concerns about a port slowdown on the West Coast.

  4. Morning Business Outlook: 11/6/14

    McDonald's bringing back a popular sandwich

  5. Is Rex Ryan’s tenure with the Jets over at the season’s end?

    The Vinnie from Queens panel weighs in on the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, Tony Romo and upcoming NFL games.

  6. Lending in China putting western banks at risk?

    Reason Director of Economic Research Anthony Randazzo, Tethys Partners Chief Market Strategist Bob Iaccino and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on concerns about western banks’ lending in China and some retailers dropping Apple Pay.

  7. Wal-Mart stores are going green with solar panels

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald discusses Wal-Mart stores adding solar panels to stores.

  8. September a bad month for your portfolio?

    Heritage Chief Economist Steve Moore, Demos Senior Fellow Richard Benjamin and Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning on the outlook for stocks in September and the growing trend of in-flight arguments over reclining seats.

  9. Are Homebuilder stocks worth a buy?

    Divine Capital CEO Dani Hughes, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall and reporter Kate Rogers debate the outlook for the housing market.

  10. Where to invest in retail

    Strategic Resource Group managing director Burt Flickinger and Macquarie Capital senior analyst Liz Dunn discuss retail sales.

  11. Airbus to shell out $1.4B on jetliner upgrade

    Fairfax Global Markets CEO Paul Dietrich and The Schork Report editor Stephen Schork on Citi’s settlement, Airbus’s new investment and GM’s new round of hearings.

  12. U.S. borders offering terrorists an easy entry?

    FOX News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters on the potential perils of poor border security.

  1. Kohl’s 4Q earnings beat expectations

    Earnings HQ: FBN’s Ashley Webster breaks down Kohl’s fourth-quarter earnings report.

  2. Dow reaches third record close of the year

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Liz Claman with an after-hours web exclusive on the markets, the arrest of three Al-Jazeera journalists for flying drones in Paris.

  3. McDonald’s global same-store sales fall in January

    FBN’s Ashley Webster breaks down McDonald’s January global and U.S. comp sales data.

  4. What retailers are doing to lure Christmas shoppers

    The Wall Street Journal’s Suzanne Kapner on retailers’ strategies to attract more Christmas shoppers.

  5. Port slowdown backlash

    FBN’s Jeff Flock and PMG Venture Group Executive Director Kristine Benz on the West Coast Port backlash from labor disputes and how it could impact retailers’ holiday sales.

  6. Stocks to buy for the long term returns

    Mount Lucas Management President and CIO Tim Rudderow and Wilsey Asset Management President Brent Wilsey discuss how to invest in today’s market to keep up with record highs.

  7. Will a longer Black Friday affect retail bottom lines?

    Retailers are open longer later this holiday shopping season, but how much of a difference will it actually make?

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