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El Paso

Time to buy or sell coal stocks?

Kenai Capital Management’s Tres Knippa and Capital Wave Forecast’s Shah Gilani on commodities, defense and coal stocks, and Alibaba.

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  1. Bordering on tyranny?

    Rep. Beto O’Rourke on “Constitution-free zones” near the border.

  2. Mexico Tax Hike Driving Business North of Border

    A 5% sales tax increase hitting Mexico’s border states is expected to be a huge boost for nearby U.S. businesses.

  3. The Man Behind Kate Spade's Glittery Rebound

    It's a power many men wish they had, but one Craig Leavitt has perfected.He knows exactly what women want.At least, he knows what they want when their desires come d...

  4. Upstart analyst says Kinder 'starves' assets for investors

    An analyst who has drawn criticism from Wall Street for making incendiary comments about Kinder Morgan claimed on Tuesday the U.S. pipeline company has cut maintenan...

  5. Safest Drivers: Where Does Your City Rank?

    For the third time, Fort Collins, Colo., is the safest of America's 200 largest cities to drive in, according to the number-crunchers at Allstate.The"America's Best ...

  6. Young analyst draws Wall Street ire taking on Kinder Morgan

    Kevin Kaiser, a 26-year-old analyst only three years into his first job out of the Ivy League, jolted Wall Street last week with a pithy email taking aim at North Am...

  7. Car Theft Rates in the 380 Biggest Cities

    The National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual "Hot Spots" report finds that car thefts are rising again after an eight-year decline.Modesto, Calif., racked up the nat...

  8. Exclusive: Apollo's EP Energy looking at IPO - sources

    EP Energy LLC, the oil and gas company bought just last year by a private equity consortium led by Apollo Global Management LLC for $7.15 billion, is working with in...

  9. Utilities ETFs Could be Vulnerable to Dividend Cuts

    It is an easy economic scenario to understand. Utilities, arguably more than any other sector, are adversely affected by rising interest rates. A spike in rates mean...

  10. Natural Gas Falls as Holiday Weekend Keeps Volume Low

    Natural-gas futures skidded lower Friday, retreating from a three-week high as investors moved to lock in profits ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.Natural gas for J...

  11. Refinery Status: Exxon Reported Pipe Leak at Baton Rouge Refinery

    The following table lists planned and unplanned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both offic...

  12. Natural Gas Futures Inch Lower, But Hot Temperatures to Boost Demand

    Natural gas futures inched back from a two-week high Wednesday, following a steep rally driven by forecasts for hot weather in the coming weeks.Natural gas for June ...

  1. Growing income gap dragging down state revenue?

    Fieldpoint Private CEO Bob Matthews and FOX Business contributor Jon Hilsenrath on income inequality, the U.S. economy and international markets.

  2. Tom DeLay: President has completely erased the borders to the U.S.

    Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, (R-Texas), on concerns terror groups such as ISIS may enter the U.S. over the Mexican border.

  3. Kinder Morgan to consolidate in $70B deal

    The Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore, Money Map Press’ Keith Fitz-Gerald, FBN’s Nicole Petallides and Liz MacDonald on the markets, the 2014 midterms, Kinder Morgan and Priceline.

  4. Rep. Goodlatte: The President should go to the border

    Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Va.), on the White House’s handling of the border crisis.

  5. Young illegal immigrants flooding southwestern U.S.?

    Rep. Blake Farenthold, (R-Texas), on the rising number of children crossing the Mexican-U.S. border.

  6. Is That Cheerio's Coupon Worth Your Legal Rights?

    Do you like your morning bowl of Cheerio's enough to waive your legal rights?General Mills came under fire on social media this week over changes to its legal terms ...

  7. Kinky Friedman talks politics, legalizing marijuana

    Author and musician Kinky Friedman on his campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner and the legalization of marijuana.

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