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Commodity Prices

How geopolitics and regulations impact metals, energy

Commercial Metals CEO Joe Alvarado and Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren on the geopolitical impacts on metals and the energy industry, the European and Chinese economies and the EPA.

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  1. Opportunities for investors in the U.S.

    Tanglewood Wealth Management CIO John Merrill, People’s United Bank CIO John Traynor, Citigroup Chief Foreign Exchange Strategist Steven Englander and founder Todd Horwitz explain the best places to park your money.

  2. Fewer Americans identifying as ‘middle class’?

    Author Steve Siebold on President Obama, the U.S. economy and America’s middle class.

  3. Are consumers bracing for the worst?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on consumers’ concerns about the outlook for the economy.

  4. Yellen doesn’t think labor market is strong enough?

    Nomura’s Jens Nordvig, Princeton Securities’ Ben Willis, former Dallas Fed VP Gerald O’Driscoll and FBN contributor Phil Flynn discuss the Fed’s Jackson Hole speech and market reactions.

  5. FarmLink closes $40M equity round

    FarmLink CEO Ron LeMay explains how the company’s data helps farmers maximize productivity.

  6. Is Federal Reserve policy complicating the economy?

    CapitalistPig Asset Management’s Jonathan Hoenig and FBN’s Cheryl Casone and Liz MacDonald on the Federal Reserve’s impact on the economy and the minimum wage debate.

  7. Outlook for commodities

    David Hightower of The Hightower Report, Stifel Nicolaus portfolio manager Chad Morganlander and Independents co-host Matt Welch give their take on the commodities market.

  8. Stocks to watch: COP, TOT

    Lang Capital President Pete Lang, RNC Genter Capital Management CEO Dan Genter and Altimus Capital Portfolio Management Director Chris Gersch on the stocks to boost investors’ portfolios.

  9. How the average investor can get into energy

    FOX Business contributor Bob Rice gives tips for investing in the energy space.

  10. The pulse of consumer spending

    One Group CEO Jonathan Segal weighs in on the state of consumer spending in the restaurant business and expansion plans.

  11. Have you seen food prices lately? That’s inflation!

    First Trust Advisors’ Brian Wesbury talks food inflation.

  12. How to build a defensive portfolio

    Hedgeye senior macro analyst Darius Dale and Leuthold Strategic CEO Steve Leuthold give insight into the markets.

  1. ISIS’s impact on the reconstruction of Iraq

    Fluor Corp. CEO David Seaton on the company, reconstructing Iraq, energy trade, global economies and China.

  2. Federal Reserve not raising rates until 2016?

    Wealth Enhancement Group CIO Jim Cahn on Federal Reserve policy.

  3. Is the fast food industry on its way out?

    CKE Restaurants, INC. CEO Andy Puzder discusses the drop in fast food sales and how to advertise fast food for better sales.

  4. Stocks to watch: CMG, DIS

    Rosenthal Wealth Management Group President Larry Rosenthal, Spectrum Management Group Managing Partner Bob Phillips, founder Mark Sebastian and FBN’s Nicole Petallides on the state of the markets.

  5. Dollar value increase dragging on commodities?

    Mark Yusko and Mike McGlone weigh in on currencies and commodities.

  6. Beef prices cook

    FBN’s Jeff Flock talks to cattleman Mike Martz about rising beef prices.

  7. California drought causes loss in 17k part-time jobs?

    Borba Farms owner Mark Borba weighs in on farmers struggle with the terrible drought in California.

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