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Chinese Government

Are you safe from hackers?

NYU Professor of Innovation Luke Williams says everyone is hacked in China, so the Apple iCloud hack will be forgotten quickly.

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  1. Is China a safe place to invest your money?

    Money Map Press’ Keith Fitz-Gerald on investing in China and Alibaba.

  2. Claudia Rosett: China is sensitive to international criticism

    Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Claudia Rosett on the protests in Hong Kong.

  3. Pro-democracy protests continue in Hong Kong

    Fox News Contributor Richard Grenell weighs in on Hong Kong and the economy.

  4. Pro-democrat protests in Hong Kong enter eighth day

    Heritage Foundation senior fellow Peter Brookes on tension in Hong Kong over pro-democracy protests.

  5. Hong Kong protesters, government officials unwilling to compromise?

    ‘The Coming Collapse of China’ author Gordon Chang on the protests in Hong Kong.

  6. Protests impacting commerce in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong local journalist Tiffany Ap on the latest in Hong Kong.

  7. Limitless government under President Obama?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger on the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, Eric Holder’s resignation and the Obama Administration.

  8. Are you better off now than six years ago?

    FBN’s Tom Sullivan, Charlie Gasparino and David Asman discuss President Obama’s remarks on the economy.

  9. How long will the Communist Party in Beijing stay in power?

    Former White House Economic Adviser Todd Buchholz on the implications of Hong Kong protests.

  10. U.S. calls for restraint in dealing with Hong Kong protesters

    FBN’s Rich Edson on Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

  11. Thousands continue protests for democracy in Hong Kong

    Author Gordon Chang weighs discusses the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

  12. October the month of market crashes? Senior Strategist Jared Levy and FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Tracy Byrnes and Liz MacDonald on the negative global headlines weighing on stocks.

  1. Apple iCloud under attack in China

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent says the Chinese government has been accused of backing a hack to steal iCloud credentials.

  2. Genesis10 CEO: It may take a ‘Pearl Harbor’ cyberattack for the gov’t to wake-up

    Genesis10 CEO Harley Lippman argues the government and businesses need to wake up and realize how serious the cyber threat really is.

  3. Can Greenberg win the AIG bailout trial?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and Columbia Law professor John Coffee gives insight into the former CEO Hank Greenberg’s case against the government over the AIG bailout.

  4. NYC’s iconic Waldorf-Astoria hotel sold to Chinese investors in $1.95B deal

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone on Hilton’s sale of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel and Chinese investors’ interest in New York real estate.

  5. Foreign investors’ insatiable appetite for U.S. properties

    Massey Knakal Realty Services Chairman Robert Knakal on foreign money flowing into the U.S. real-estate market.

  6. Chinese hackers putting U.S. companies at risk?

    CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz on the risks to U.S. businesses from hackers in China.

  7. Alibaba willing to share consumer info with Chinese government ?

    CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz on Alibaba CEO Jack Ma’s comments on when the company would share information with the Chinese government .

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