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Tweeter Changes Stock Symbol After Twitter Mix Up

Twitter and Tweeter have similar-sounding names, but investors will no longer be in danger of confusing the two companies.On Tuesday, bankrupt consumer electronics company Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, began trading under a new stock symbol intended to prevent investors from mistaking it for Twitter Inc, the Internet company whose forthcoming IPO is one of Wall Street's most highly-anticipated offerings.The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority assigned Tweeter the new symbol (TICKER:THEGQ), replacing its previous TWTRQ symbol, which was deemed too similar to the TWTR symbol that Twitter hopes to use when it floats shares to the public.Shares of Tweeter, a penny stock, surged more than 1,000 percent last Friday when excitement about Twitter's impending IPO caused confused investors to snap up the wrong company's shares. Twitter, a social media company with more than 200 million users, is expected to raise about $1 billion in its IPO."FINRA believed that trading in the TWTRQ secur...

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