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Bear Market

Markets overdue for a correction?

United Advisors Chief Market Strategist Scott Martin, J. Streicher Asset Management President Todd Schoenberger and FBN’s Lauren Simonetti on the markets, Twitter’s new privacy policy and the battle between Uber and traditional taxis.

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  1. FOMC preview: What to expect

    Hedgeye senior macro analyst Darius Dale on what to expect from the latest Fed meeting.

  2. TrimTabs chief: Concerned about new stock buyback announcements

    TrimTabs chairman Charles Biderman on where he is seeing the money movement.

  3. JPMorgan downgrading Russia

    Gordian Group president Peter Kaufman and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management CIO Mary Ann Bartels on investing in Russia and emerging markets.

  4. The key to investing: Clarity and discipline

    New Zealand Superannuation Fund head of asset allocation David Iverson gives tips for investing.

  5. Homebuilder stocks ready to rally?

    MKM Partners analyst Megan McGrath on the outlook for homebuilders.

  6. The contrarian play

    Mike Williams of Genesis Asset Management and Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker on managing risk in the markets.

  7. How to build REITs into your portfolio

    Altegris executive vice president Dick Pfister and American Assets Capital Advisors CEO Burl East on how to invest in REITs.

  8. Market check: ARO, AEO, WFM

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides with the latest on the markets.

  9. Will there be a summer rally or correction?

    A&G Capital President Hilary Kramer, Melia Advisory Group President Greg Melia and Money News Wealth Report's Sean Hyman debate the outlook for stocks.

  10. Rogers: Clinton would have been worse than Geithner

    Rogers Holdings chairman Jim Rogers on Tim Geithner's push for Hillary Clinton as Treasury Secretary.

  11. Will Twitter survive the tech sector’s tumble?

    Accent Asset Management CEO Scott Martin and FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Dagen McDowell and David Asman on the outlook for the tech sector.

  12. Tesla shares overvalued?

    Portfolio Wealth Advisors CIO Lee Munson and Greywolf Execution Partners chief technical analyst Mark Newton and founder Todd Horwitz on Tesla’s first-quarter results and outlook.

  1. Apple hits new all-time high

    First Trust Advisors chief economist Brian Wesbury and GFI Group director of sales and trading John Spallanzani on Apple and Nasdaq top performers.

  2. Impact of geopolitics on the markets

    J. Streicher Asset Management President Todd Schoenberger and Emerald Asset Management Chairman Joe Besecker on the geopolitical impacts on the markets.

  3. Stop trying to predict a stock market crash!

    FBN’s Charles Payne on those predicting a stock market crash.

  4. Time to be a market bear?

    Eagle Bay Capital President J.C. Parets on concerns of a bearish outlook for stocks.

  5. The cost of doing business in China

    TSAI Capital president Christopher Tsai and ‘The Coming Collapse of China’ author Gordon Chang on investing in the Chinese economy.

  6. Making your money work harder in this low-rate environment

    Comprehensive Wealth Management’s John Vento, Providence Financial President Anthony Saccaro and financial advisor Derrick Kinney on how to boost investors’ portfolios in this market environment.

  7. Fear creeps back into the market

    Veracruz LLC founder Steve Cortes and J. Streicher Asset Management president Todd Schoenberger discuss how to invest with fear-infused markets.

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