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Get the Most for Your Totaled Car

If your car is totaled, the first thing to remember is that the insurance company is not your friend.There's a tendency among those of us who have had a car deemed a "total loss" to consider the insurance company's payout as a gift of sorts.That attitude, say auto insurance and repairs experts, is a mistake. You should view the payout as negotiable, just as you would if you were selling the car without damage. The insurance company won't be offended if you negotiate, says Scott Benavidez of Mr. B's Paint & Body Shop in Albuquerque, N.M."I tell my clients to negotiate. Start high and plan to meet in the middle," he says. "Remember, even if (the insurance company) saves $10 a vehicle and do a million claims a year, that's $10 million. Think if they save $100 a vehicle. … That is where they save money."But the first step is to evaluate your own insurance policy. That means reading the fine print. Gone are the days when insurance companies were in lockstep about how they would determine a ...

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  1. Tesla two-timed by New Jersey?

    Kelly Blue Book ’s Jack Nerad sounds off on NJ’s April 1 ban on Tesla’s direct sales approach.

  2. Automakers Look Toward Spring as February Sales Slump

    Demand for new vehicles continued to slump in February amid a spate of snowy weather. However, automakers are hoping sales momentum late last month is an indication ...

  3. Best family cars for 2014

    Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book on the 12 best family cars for 2014.

  4. Toyota recalls nearly 2M Prius

    Kelley Blue Book Executive Editorial Director Jack Nerad on Toyota’s Prius recall due to a software glitch.

  5. Cars that cost the least over 5 years

    Kelley Blue Book senior market analyst Alec Guttierrez on the vehicles with the lowest projected cost over the first 5 years.

  6. Sales Skid, Automakers Blame Weather

    U.S. auto makers reported diverging auto sales to kick off 2014.Chrysler Group LLC's auto sales jumped 8% in January, bolstered by strong demand for the Ram and Jeep...

  7. Chrysler 4Q Earnings Surge as Fiat Merger Nears

    Chrysler Group, which is nearing a full merger with Italian parent Fiat, saw its fourth-quarter profit more than quadruple amid a significant tax benefit.Fiat announ...

  8. How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

    When you've got that proverbial "set of wheels," you need to know how much, or how little, insurance coverage is best for protecting them.Shopping for the right amou...

  9. Car Totaled? How to Bag a Fair Payout

    Being in a serious car accident is lousy enough, but if the car insurance company deems your car a total wreck, you may be in for a serious wake-up call when you dis...

  10. Junior Isn't Driving and Millennials Aren't Buying, What Gives?

    You can blame the economy, social media, the labor market or new laws, but one thing is clear: young drivers aren't flocking to the car market."The financial crisis ...

  11. Google, Apple Tackle Next Digital Frontier: Cars

    Your vehicle could be running strictly on iOS, Android and batteries in the future. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are taking their competition to a ne...

  12. Cox Reacquires 25% Stake in AutoTrader for $1.8B

    Cox Enterprises unveiled a deal on Friday worth $1.8 billion to buy back its 25% stake in AutoTrader Group from private-equity firm Providence Equity Partners.The tr...

  1. Get the most when selling your car

    Shopper's Market: Kelley Blue Book market analyst says your window to sell may be closing

  2. How Do I Narrow Down My Used Car Choices?

    Dear Driving for Dollars, I'm ready to replace my aging sport utility vehicle with a used car that is a couple years old. I have a set budget, but there are too many...

  3. Criminal charges ahead in GM recall scandal?

    Attorney David Stone and Kelley Blue Book senior analyst Karl Brauer on GM’s recall scandal.

  4. Offshoring to blame for GM’s recalls?

    Kelley Blue Book Executive Editorial Director Jack Nerad on General Motors’ recall delay scandal.

  5. Auto Sales Bounce Back After Lackluster Winter

    The auto industry bounced back in March after a lackluster winter, as demand for pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles fueled sales.Low interest rates, as well as...

  6. Is Toyota’s settlement a model for what’s in store for GM?

    Kelley Blue Book senior analyst Karl Brauer on Toyota’s settlement with the Department of Justice and General Motors’ recall.

  7. Will the recall change consumers’ perception of GM?

    Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book on the consumer backlash of GM’s ignition switch recall.

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