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Small businesses making a comeback?

Paynet President William Phelan discusses the state of small business loan growth.

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  1. Is it OK for Merchants to Accept Credit Cards from Minors?

    Dear Your Business Credit,Can I accept a credit card payment from a minor at a medical facility if it's offered? - MitchellDear Mitchell,I'm going to assume that you...

  2. Time to Refinance Small-Business Debt? 5 Questions to Ask

    Many entrepreneurs got the cold shoulder from their banks during the credit crunch and turned to other, high-interest lenders or credit cards instead. Now could be a...

  3. Credit Cards and Borrowing for Business

    Do you own or manage one of the nearly 28 million small businesses in America? If so, you'd have been exceptionally lucky to have avoided some of the very nasty effe...

  4. Tips for Getting a Business Card Without a Social Security Number

    Dear Your Business Credit, I am a foreign national from Italy who just formed an LLC in New York City. Can I get a business credit card on my company's bank account ...

  5. 3 Reasons Big Banks Have Returned to Small Business Lending

    Small business loan approval rates at big banks were up 20% in February from a year ago. Here is the good news.

  6. 2014 Small Business Taxes: Advice from the Experts

    As a small business owner, tax season can be one of the most challenging and frustrating times of the year. Since you're probably not an expert on the tax code, it can be stressful to file your taxes properly and take all the deductions available to you.

  7. Why Women-Owned Businesses Are Thriving

    March is Women's History Month, and never before in U.S. history have women been so successful in launching and growing their own companies.

  8. What Happens When Partners' Credit Profiles Differ

    Dear Your Business Credit,My partner and I are looking into starting a small business. We need $20,000 to cover an essential machine for our business. We will be cre...

  9. Can I Borrow to Pay My Business Tax Bill?

    Dear Your Business Credit,My freelance business grew a lot this year, and I failed to pay the quarterly taxes for my LLC, so I'm going to have to pay the whole years...

  10. Interest Rates for Small Business Loans Down

    The purse strings are opening up, and the laws of supply and demand are working in favor of small business owners looking for capital in 2014.

  11. Choosing a Credit Card Processor for a Medical Practice

    Dear Your Business Credit,Is there a preferred credit card processor for medical offices? Or, is there a company that specializes in credit card services for medical...

  12. Small Business Credit Conditions Improve

    Credit conditions for small business owners have been improving for four consecutive quarters, according to the Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index.  

  1. Jamie Dimon talks cancer battle, health care industry

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon discusses his battle with cancer, the U.S. economy, the potential for interest rate hikes this year, and the 33rd annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference.

  2. Disrupting the lending universe

    OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow talks about taking his company public and making small business loans.

  3. Cisco repurchased 19M shares in 3Q

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Liz Claman with an after-hours web exclusive on the markets, Cisco’s third-quarter results and former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s comments on mortgage lending rules and the economy.

  4. Accepting Credit Card Orders by Phone: a New-Business Owner's Guide

    Dear Your Business Credit,I will be opening a small cafe in my community soon and am shopping around for a merchant processing account. Should I ask for one that let...

  5. PNC Grows 1Q Profits 6.5% as Expenses Shrink

    PNC Financial (NYSE:PNC) logged a stronger-than-expected 6.5% rise in first-quarter earnings on Wednesday as the regional lender benefited from declining expenses an...

  6. How Debt Can Actually Lower Your Taxes

    Debt is not necessarily the most terrible thing ever. Sometimes, debt is a good thing — it can help you fund college, build credit and can even help you save money o...

  7. How to Build Business Credit Separate from Personal Credit

    Dear Your Business Credit,Hello. I am an entrepreneur trying to build my business credit into a separate entity apart from my personal credit. Can you give some advi...

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