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Arizona Tragedy

Hate-crime hysteria

Matt Welch, Kmele Foster and Jedediah Bila on the recent hate crime in Kansas, and whether it has anything to do with the current political landscape.

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  1. Judge allows college records in George Zimmerman trial

    Phil Keating reports from Sanford, Florida

  2. Tech Take Live 6/13/2013

    Who came out on top at the Video Game industry's most important week? And what do we know about NSA secret data warehouse in Utah?

  3. FNC Video


  4. FBI collects evidence from Boston suspect's widow

    Where does investigation stand?

  5. Will Boston suspect's attorney aid investigation?

    Judy Clarke will advocate for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  6. Prominent attorney joins bombing suspect's defense team

    Lawyer's high-profile clients include 'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski, Tuscon shooter Jared Lee Loughner

  7. Next round of gun control fight coming to Capitol Hill

    Sen. Manchin vows new vote on background check bill

  8. Will Boston Bombing influence gun control debate?

    T.J. McCormack and Basil Smikle Jr. on the likelihood of Capitol Hill passing a comprehensive deal in light of recent events

  9. Debate over how Boston bombing suspect should be charged

    Enemy combatant label appropriate?

  10. Full Episode: 'Red Eye' 4/17/13

    Jedediah Bila, Rick Folbaum and Joel Pollak discuss the Boston Marathon bombing

  11. Jodi Arias being heard from behind bars

    Friend allegedly tweeting on murder suspect's behalf

  12. Call to action on gun control starting to fade?

    Capt. Mark Kelly responds on 'Fox News Sunday'

  1. 010914_Gabby_0925


  2. Ann Coulter discusses media's coverage of mass murders

    Is it time for the mainstream media to start telling the truth?

  3. Small Businesses Ripe for Cyber Attacks

    In the world of 21 st century cyber warfare, there is a perception that the smaller you are, the less likely you are to grab the attention of cyber thieves and spies...

  4. Sen. Lee on why the gov't should fight 'collusive spending'

    Congressman addresses harsh words Democrats have for Republicans

  5. 091713_krauthammer_800


  6. Is the USA a great country anymore?

    Charles Krauthammer reacts to the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard

  7. Will Navy Yard shooting spark gun debate?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

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