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Arizona Tragedy

Hollywood to blame for UCSB killings?

Kayleigh McEnany and Dan St. Germain on what may have motivated Elliot Rodger to kill.

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  1. Stock Exchanges at Center of Cyber Bull’s Eye

    In tandem with the increasingly anti-capitalistic ideology of cyber evildoers, the digital target on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market appears to h...

  2. What to Expect From State of the Union Address

    CBS News's Chip Reid previews the president's address to the nation.

  3. Obama Under Scrutiny for Clues on Deficit in Speech

    President Barack Obama aims to rise above party politics in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, but he must prove he is serious about tackling the budget defic...

  4. Will Alleged Tucson Shooter Use Insanity Defense?

    FNC's Megyn Kelly on the potential defense for Jared Loughner .

  5. House Tones Down Health-Care Debate After Shooting

    The House of Representatives, back to work after the attempted assassination of one of its members, on Tuesday staged a toned-down debate on a bill to repeal Preside...

  6. U.S. Accuses NY Man of Threatening Regulators

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Federal prosecutors unsealed a complaint Friday accusing a New York man of threatening to kill 47 current and former officials at U.S. regulator...

  7. Did Obama's Arizona Speech Boost His Image?

    Political Strategist Paul Begala on Obama's speech to honor victims of the Arizona shooting .

  8. Politicizing the Arizona Tragedy

    The Washington Examiner's Susan Ferrechio on the proposed regulations protecting politicians in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting .

  9. US House To Vote On Repeal Of Health-Care Law Next Week

    WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- House Lawmakers are to vote next week on a bill repealing the sweeping health-care law, a top House Republican said, a week after the matter...

  10. Rep. Walsh Declines Gov't Health Benefits

    Rep. Joe Walsh, (R-IL), on why he chose to decline his government health benefits and search for private health insurance.

  11. Not a Time for Politics

    On Jan. 8, just hours before hearing of the shooting of a congresswoman and others in Arizona, I was reading this tidbit from The Writer’s Almanac , a daily bit of j...

  12. Keeping the Workplace Safe Amid Crisis

    Fox News Digital Network   Fox News   Fox Business   Small Business Center   Fox News Radio   Fox News Latino   Fox Nation Register Login Search SiteWednesday, April...

  1. Hate-crime hysteria

    Matt Welch, Kmele Foster and Jedediah Bila on the recent hate crime in Kansas, and whether it has anything to do with the current political landscape.

  2. Small Businesses Ripe for Cyber Attacks

    In the world of 21 st century cyber warfare, there is a perception that the smaller you are, the less likely you are to grab the attention of cyber thieves and spies...

  3. Gun Control Debate Heats Up

    The Hill Columnist Cheri Jacobus, FNC legal analyst Lis Wiehl and Democratic Strategist Hank Sheinkopf on growing calls for increased gun control.

  4. Would Better Background Checks Curb Gun Violence?

    Arthur Hayhoe of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on his call for greater background check before gun purchases.

  5. D.C. Must Enact Gun Control Now

    A new poll of 602 adults shows that 54% back tougher gun control laws, with 52% supporting a ban on semiautomatic handguns and 59% favoring a ban on ammunition clips...

  6. Will Colorado Killer Go for Insanity Plea?

    FOX News Contributor Tamara Holder on the developing case surrounding alleged mass murderer James Holmes.

  7. Co-author Of 'Last Lecture' Killed In Accident

    Jeffrey Zaslow, a journalist and columnist for The Wall Street Journal who co-authored "The Last Lecture," among other books, was killed in a car accident in norther...

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