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Gen. Keane: President Obama has to get a political solution in Syria

Former Army Vice Chief of Staff (Ret.) Gen. Jack Keane on the climate change summit, the threat of ISIS and President Obama's foreign policy.

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Today's Guests

  • Lisa Boothe

    WPA Research VP/ Republican Strategist

  • Basil Smikle

    Basil Smikle Associates Founder & President

  • Joshua Katz

    Fmr. CIA Agent

  • Gen. Jack Keane

    Retired U.S. General/ FOX News Military Analyst

  • Amber Smith

    Military Analyst

  • Gary Smith

    Kadina Group

  • Michael Lee

    Tiger Wealth Management Managing Partner

  • Jamie Colby

    FOX News Channel "Strange Inheritance" Host

  • Bjorn Lomborg



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Elevator Pitch: Invest in uGo Health?

Elevator Pitch: Invest in uGo Health?

Flybridge Capital Partners’ Matt Witheiler, Columbia Business School Director Vince Ponzo and ff Venture Capital Director Ryan Armbrust discuss whether they would invest in uGo Health with company founder Karim Farag.

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Heavy Hitter Hindsight

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