FBI is sinking in legal quicksand: Kennedy

Mueller probe, FBI are on a collision course: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and the difficulties facing the FBI.

You have twin FBI crises right now: Two trains that have left the station, and they're barreling toward each other at full speed on a collision course with disaster.

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On one hand, conductor Robert Mueller is racking up charges and interviewing big-name targets like Attorney General Jeff Sessions and CIA Director Mike Pompeo. He was tasked with investigating collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, but seems to be circling the presidential noose around obstruction of justice. He's getting closer to questioning the president, and it appears the Mueller camp wants to give the president just enough rope to hang himself.

The problem is the other train is full of Republicans railroading a damaged FBI whose problems are sinking the bureau in legal quicksand.

You have the memo which purports FBI investigators lied to a federal judge to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump operative Carter Page, and there may be other nasty nuggets in that four-page anchor that derail not only the Mueller investigation and the FBI, but any other intel agency that's grown accustomed to spying on Americans unlawfully in the dark.

Add to that the texts between investigative string pullers whose disdain for the president may have affected the outcome of the Hillary Clinton investigation, the initial Russia investigation and tainted the office of the special counsel. And those are only the texts we know of that allude to a secret society, foreknowledge of Hillary's innocence long before that investigation was sewn up, and the truth there really was nothing to the Russia investigation.

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What's most problematic for the bureau is two things: First, the unknown, pinless grenades and smoking guns in the missing texts and that unreleased memo, and second, Robert Mueller can't possibly be tasked with cleaning up an agency he used to run, especially when his crony successor is the impetus for the case.

At some point these trains are going to crash and it's going to be loud and messy. If only they realized if they just opened all of it and let us see the embarrassing facts at hand we could avoid certain disaster and a manufactured constitutional crisis.

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