Senator Cory Booker on His Next Move

By Ben Brown
Published July 29, 2016

November 2016 is a special month for politics, but there’s more than just one election taking place besides deciding the next president of the United States. That’s right: the “Garden State” of New Jersey has a big election of their own – who will become their next governor?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reached the two-term limit, manning the post since 2010. Now, as all eyes are fixed on perhaps the most unpredictable presidential election in history, people are left wondering who will fill Christie’s shoes.

Cory Booker, U.S. Senator of New Jersey is one name in particular that has been added to the mix, rumored to be eyeing the position. However, met up with the senator while at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, where he made it very clear he has no intention of running for governor.

“I can confirm right now, that, that is absolutely not true,” said Booker.

The former mayor of Newark has a long history of politics in the state of New Jersey, from serving on the Newark Municipal Council in 1998 to his first term as U.S. Senator. Most recently, Booker was named a finalist for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s vice president shortlist.

However, with the air cleared, and no potential run for governor in sight, it appears the senator has his heart set on seeing the Democratic presidential nominee make history once again.  

“She’s a strong leader, with incredible competence, and character and heart, which is really the thing that I’ve got to know her now in this campaign,” said Booker. “That’s what’s really motivating me even more so; not just her intellect, her policy, her brilliance — it’s her heart now. So, I’m hoping people get the chance to know that, and if they do, we’re going to elect the first woman president in the history of our country.”