Bob Dole: Obama Is Nice, But Trump Is a Strong Leader

Bob Dole: The world is a mess, Trump can fix it

Web Exclusive: Behind the scenes at the 2016 GOP National Convention and one-on-one with former Sen. Bob Dole.

At 92 years of age--soon to be 93 this Friday—former Sen. Bob Dole is the only former Republican Presidential Nominee to attend this year's Republican National Convention, and therefore the only one to get a shout-out and a standing ovation from the crowd.

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"Well, nobody told me that was going to happen. I'm just here to watch the convention and Mrs. Trump mentioned my name," former Kansas Senator Bob Dole tells

"I know people in the audience may have not agreed with me on everything, but I'm out of politics now so why be mad at me. And maybe I wasn't such a bad senator after all," he jokes.

Dole holds the record as the longest serving Senate Republican leader, and while he's in Cleveland to support Donald Trump, he says he doesn't always agree with everything the GOP presidential nominee says.

"We're not going to deport 100 million people, but I do believe that Donald Trump is on the right track on immigration," he says. "The world is a mess and Obama is a very nice man, and I never criticized him, but I do believe that he lacks strong leadership. Trump is just the opposite," says Dole.

Dole was the Republican nominee in 1996, but lost to Bill Clinton.

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"We're friends even though we ran against each other, but I really never got to know Hillary," he adds. "She has some experience, but it's all bad. I don't believe she would be a good president. I can't think of one foreign policy success that happened when she was secretary of State."

Though whether you're a Republican or Democrat, Dole says the key is how you work with Congress.

"You're not going to do anything without Congress, and Trump has worked all of his life with other people making deals," he says.

Dole says his fondest memories of working in politics and running for president were the people that he met along the way.

"Making friends from all over including Democrats, Republicans and Independents and working together. You have to put your arms around everyone," he says.

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