Radio Host Charlie Sykes: Trump's ‘Gutter Politics’ Not Welcome In Wisconsin

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Is Trump in trouble in Wisconsin?

Radio Show Host Charlie Sykes provides insight into the Wisconsin primary.

As the Republican candidates campaign in Wisconsin, radio show host Charlie Sykes expressed concerns about Trump’s brand and that he isn’t taking the job of presidential candidate seriously.

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“No he’s not going to back down apparently because he’s decided, maybe that’s his brand that he’s just not going to apologize.  But the question that I asked him was one that frankly I’ve been playing in my head for the last six months was at what point is Donald Trump going to recognize this is a serious job and not just be going to Twitter (TWTR) to insult people, to insult disabled people, to insult women,” Sykes told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Sykes explains the importance of the state’s primary for the GOP field.

“Wisconsin has been at the center of American politics for several years now and I think that Republican voters here are engaged, I think they are savvy, I think they understand that they need to be the firewall of rationality in this Republican madness,” Sykes said.

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Sykes then weighs in on why Trump’s campaign strategy may clash with Wisconsin’s political culture.

“I frankly do not think that Donald Trump is going to win in Wisconsin because his brand of what you call ‘gutter politics’ may play elsewhere, but Wisconsin is different, and that is kind of the point I’m trying to make here, is that Wisconsin has a different political culture, our culture is different but also our politics are different here.”

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