Madeleine Albright Responds to Her Controversial Comment at Clinton Rally

By Matthew Wisner
Published March 02, 2016

As the 2016 primary season continues to heat up, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright weighs in on frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and how people overseas view the U.S. presidential race.

“People were asking me ‘what’s going on in America?’ And they were all very nervous because I think that the messages coming out from Donald Trump are quite scary in terms of, you know, keeping people out of America and building walls and threatening and saying we’ll make them do whatever.  That is not the language of a Commander-in-Chief,” Albright said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Although Albright relayed concerns about Trump, she also discussed the factors behind his growing popularity.

“Well, frankly, it’s hard for me to understand, but I do think that people are concerned about gridlock.  And President Obama has tried very hard to work with Congress that automatically said they wouldn’t do anything.”

Albright also addressed some of the negative reaction to her recent comment that ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,’ while on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.

“I have used that statement now for two decades, it even ended up on a Starbucks cup, I should not have used it in the context of voting.  But I do think women should help each other.  I think it’s not that easy, I think we need to have a discussion about it.  But I should have used it in that context.”

When asked “But why is voting for Hillary Clinton helping women?” Albright responded, “I actually believe that she has done more for women and wants to do more for women than anybody else.  She is equal pay for equal work, she wants to really make sure that we have choices about what we do and women’s health issues, generally being supportive of women.  There is nobody that is running that has a better record on women.”

Albright was also asked her opinion on the topic of Hillary Clinton’s trust issues.

 “I think the bottom line is she is somebody that has worked on behalf of her country for a very long time.  She is somebody that is dogged in pursuing what is right in terms of helping, in this country, jobs, women, health issues, and children, that is what she has been doing.”

Albright then addressed whether Hillary Clinton put the nation at risk by having a private email server in her home.

“I do not, no, but I think that she has said that she is sorry that she did this.  But I think that it is overstating the case and the whole intelligence issue is that different agencies rate intelligence in different ways.”