Frank Luntz: Bloomberg Would Start Race With More Than 25% of the Vote

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Will Trump win New Hampshire primary?

Republican Pollster Frank Luntz on how the New Hampshire primary will impact the 2016 presidential race.

Republican Pollster Frank Luntz talked with FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo about the New Hampshire primary and a potential presidential bid by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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Luntz starts off by giving his predictions for the outcome of the New Hampshire primary.

“Trump wins by double-digits and Bernie Sanders wins by as
many as 20 points.”

Luntz discussed what Trump needs in order to secure his frontrunner status.

“If Trump wins by 15 points or more, it means that all the national numbers are for real, and Donald Trump is truly, truly the frontrunner for this nomination.”

Luntz also addressed how close the primary is.

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“Here’s the problem, I can’t even call number two and normally I come on your show and I give first, second, third but it is so close and the debates have so much of an impact and where ever we went yesterday, we went to see most of the candidates, the audiences are record-setting,” he said. 

“I think today is going to be the largest turnout of Republicans and Democrats in New Hampshire history. Usually in a high turnout [indicates] the poll numbers tend to be correct.”

Luntz weighed in on Bloomberg potentially entering the race.

“Our polling shows Bloomberg would start this race with more than 25% of the vote regardless of who the Republican nominee is.  This has always been the strangest election since Trump and Sanders got in, and if Bloomberg decides to run all bets are off.”